A Parenting Outlet

The other night my husband and I got on the subject of social media.
Instagram, to be more specific. He, my husband, has never been
into social media. He thinks it's a waste of time and has better things to do
than sit on IG scrolling through pictures of other peoples daily lives.
And his argument is completely valid. He has a 9-5 job where most
days he'll go in a little early or stay a little late. Then when he comes home
he has me and Copeland and now our sweet dog, Mayah. He's a busy guy
and doesn't really have time or find a need for something like Instagram or

But then he asked me why I do it. Why I care or invest my free time to go onto Instagram.
Without thinking I told him I needed it and he looked at me like I was insane.
Now I know I sound like an odd duck. Who needs social media? Who needs to
look at other peoples pictures? Well you see, and I'm hoping some of you can
connect with me on this. From the time I was able to have a job I had one. I was
16 and worked at a kiosk in the mall, after that I was a barista and so on and so forth.
I've always had a job. I enjoyed working. I've loved almost every job I've had.
When Josh and I got married, no wait, before that - when we met
and dated, one of the first things we talked about was how I wasn't sure if I wanted
to be a mom. It just wasn't a childhood dream of mine to get married and have kids.
I enjoyed being independent. I loved being alone and becoming a mom, it's just
not something I ever really saw for myself. Obviously things change when you fall
in love. I couldn't wait to get married and be a wife! And things change when you're
in love and have been married for 4 years. You want the next best thing, children.

I am so in love with being a mom. I honestly wish I wouldn't have waited so long to
become a mom I enjoy it so much! But sometimes it's hard. Like really hard, ya know?
I can't tell you how grateful I am to be able to stay home and raise Copeland but gosh,
I feel like my brain kinda goes crazy being home all day, washing the dishes day in
and day out, vacuuming, cleaning, ironing, changing poopy diaper after poopy diaper after
poopy diaper (seriously, we need to lay off the fruit) having conversations with a toddler
who just wants to play "vroom" allll daayyy long. I really don't want anyone to take this
the wrong way and tell me how ungrateful I am or how selfish I'm being. Because trust me,
I'm very grateful to be home but that doesn't mean it's not hard.

So getting back to Instagram, why do I need it? Simple, It's an outlet. It's my adult conversations
that I use to have at my old jobs. It's a place I can connect with other moms. It's where I go to
see that I'm not alone in this crazy parenting thing. I love seeing all you cute moms on there!
I love looking at your stylish selves with your cute babes. It honestly gives me motivation
to take a shower some days haha. But really I need Instagram because I enjoy the friendships
on there. That sounds pathetic, doesn't it? An online friendship? But you know what,
one of my best friends is someone I met on IG! I never thought that would happen in a million years!
I love my friends outside of social media too but when it's nap time or even when it's not (hey, I'm
not a perfect mom who has my phone stowed away and only comes out when Copeland is napping)
it's nice to go on and see my IG mama friends on there and share just a little love with them to
hopefully brighten up their day because I can't tell you how many times I've gone onto instagram
posted a picture and have had one of you comment and say just a little something nice and
how much it has meant to me when I'm having a not so great day.

So why do I need it? To connect and share stories with you mamas on there. To share and feel
the love from other moms, other women. When you step back and see that we're all the same
it's nice to create a motherhood bond and be able to fall back on that from time to time.

We all use social media for different reasons, so why do you use it? :)


Kelly Linn Feller said...

Exactly! I love being a stay at home mom and wouldn't change it for anything, but there are days when the tantrums seem never ending. Social media is crazy in that way, but it's such a fun way to talk to other mamas during the day!

Allison Barker said...

I'm totally in the same boat! I use Instagram, and Facebook everyday. My morning routine is to get up, workout, and browse social media while I eat breakfast. It's like a connection to the outside world, at least that's what it feels like. Not only that, it is a way for me to show off my cute little baby and let others know what's going on. Then I don't have to call my mom every week ;)