Summer Dress

Dresses are my go-to during the summer. 
I feel like I can never have too many dresses and that's not a good thing
because I will just want to buy a new dress every time I see a cute one, like the first one pictured.

I'm obsessed with royal blue and this dress is absolute perfection and for only about $35 
must.... not.... buy! 

But if you are in the market to buy one here are my favorite embroidered dresses!
(click the picture to shop)

This is second dress down on the list and it is the cutest for summer!


Anonymous said...

I love the mint green nail polish :)


Meg V Schneider said...

Lovely dresses!
Meg of An Affair of Character

HelloCopeland said...

studentsandstyle, it's so pretty for spring, isn't it?!

HelloCopeland said...

Meg, I think so too :)