Vacation Me | Vegas Nights

Okay I'll be honest, since becoming a mom I much prefer dressing comfy in my ripped
jeans, loose tees and worn in sandals over anything else. BUT when in Vegas, mom or not,
it's so fun to get dressed up and feel a little fancy and dare I say... sexy for a night.

A couple years ago I wouldn't have thought twice about picking out this dress
and throwing it on but now that I'm a mom. Can I? Should I?
My husband said "Why wouldn't you??" And so I did and I felt beautiful.
A feeling I've been lacking for quite some time.

For an entire night I felt like my pre-baby self. I felt sexy! 
I love this dress from Windsor Store and they have got you covered for any type 
of event from casual summer days to prom night. Kind of makes me wish I could 
go back and change my entire prom look ha! 

Oh and while we were in Vegas our night consisted of finding the most spectacular and romantic restaurant  
a buffet and stuffing our faces accompanied by lots of window shopping. 


Corinne Guynes said...

You look amazing! Love the dress! Im the same way, mother of two and staying at home with them it's hard to want to get dressed up or even put on makeup but I know in doing so even if it's just picking up diapers at target I feel so much better. I will probably have drool or boogers on me somewhere ha! But at least my makeup looks good (:

Jessica Garcia said...

Such a cute dress!

xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

HelloCopeland said...

Corinne haha yes! I feel the same way. As much as I want to stay in my sweats I force myself to at least put on some jeans and sweater to feel half way normal haha. Thanks for reading!

HelloCopeland said...

Thanks girl! I really loved it for Vegas!