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Welcome back, friends!

Today for Vacation Me I am featuring the new Inglesina Net Stroller

When it comes to road trips, having enough room for everything kind of gives me anxiety. 
I typically will pack a full suitcase for myself and then a carry-on sized bag for all of 
Copeland's things and Josh also packs a large duffel bag and he usually brings his golf
clubs with us, jussssttt in case he gets the chance to golf.  When we get ready to put 
everything in our little trunk it takes some rearranging to get everything to fit (we also 
keep a large emergency backpack in our trunk). When planning for our Vegas road trip 
we knew we needed to opt for a smaller stroller, but one that would still be comfortable 
for Copeland to ride around in when he got tired of running around ;) 

We then found the Inglesina Net stroller and fell in love with the sleek and chic design. 
When it arrived we tested it out right away. We wanted to make sure we made the right 
choice for comfort. And the verdict... Copeland approves! He even fell asleep in it 
while walking around the block the other day haha and he keeps climbing in and out of
it and then will yell out me to push him around. Little stink!

I love that this stroller does reline a bit so Copeland can be even more
comfortable if he happens to fall asleep. The ride was awesome! It was so smooth
over the bumpy asphalt of our neighborhood and steering it was so easy. But would it
fit with all our stuff?? Yep! It did indeed! And we still have extra room so now we
can pack up the portable crib / pack n' play! 

If you are in the market for a lightweight umbrella stroller (only 11 lbs.!),
go check out the Inglesina Net. We are so happy with this stroller choice and can't
wait to try it out some more in Vegas

I will be sharing a video when we get back of all the features the Net stroller offers
and let you see it in action! 


Meg V Schneider said...

That looks like a great stroller! I have to show this to my pregnant SIL!
Meg of An Affair of Character

Summer Ann said...

An umbrella stroller is a must on vacay's!! Hope y'all have a blast!

Summer Ann
Simply Summer Ann Blog