Vacation Me | Sun, Swim & Bronzed

 bikini - Target / sunglasses c/o Windsor Store / sunscreen - Nordstrom

Josh and I have a couple vacations planned in the upcoming months and so
I thought it would be so fun to share my favorite vacation items over the next
few weeks through a series called "Vacation Me".

I'll be sharing my favorite styles and travel items from some of my favorite companies.
We are first heading to Las Vegas and so the next few posts will be all
about road tripping and fun vacation outfits geared for the warm Vegas weather.

I know some people aren't huge fans of Las Vegas. But it's one of
mine and Josh's favorite places to visit. We've been going there every year
since we started dating, 8 years ago. I mean obviously there are the bad parts,
just like anywhere else, but there are some really amazing things too! This year
we are so excited to visit the Neon Bone Yard Museum (if they'll let us take
Copeland. Fingers crossed!) and we really want to take Copeland on the
High Roller ferris wheel at night so he (and Josh and I) can see all the pretty Vegas lights!
Oh! And of course, you can't forget about the food while in Vegas. So many great eats,
including our favorite breakfast spot, The Sugar Factory!

Today it's all about sunnies (featuring Windsor Store.), swimwear and of course a
good faux tan so let's dive right in ;)

Sun. Sunglasses are pretty important on vacation (and anytime your outside).
You definitely want to protect your eyes from the harsh sun and in my
opinion I love a fun and cute pair of sunglasses like these from Windsor Store.
They are my favorite right now!

Swim. There are so many cute bathing suits out that you really don't have to drop
a ton of money on them. I mean of course the Mara Hoffman's are gorgeous
and same with the oh so popular Triangl bikinis but you can go to Target
and pick one up that's just as cute for about $30! I have a lot of Target swim suits
and love them all just as much as my Triangl bikini. Especially this one!

Bronzed. I'm all about a good faux tan. I stopped tanning in tanning beds a few years
ago and always keep sunscreen on if I go out. Definitely don't want premature age spots!
I love the smell of this sunscreen. It's so yummy!

In order not to look like a complete ghost, I absolutely love St. Moriz tanning mousse.
It's identical to St. Tropez for a fraction of the price. I honestly use this at least once a
week or anytime I want to little color. Works like a charm! I attached a video of how
to apply it below.

I hope you will enjoy this fun little series! Thanks for reading!

-shop sun, swim and bronzed post-


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Jessica Garcia said...

Those products are amazing! I am all about a faux tan especially with this Chicago weather!

xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries