Shabby Apple | Spring Line

There's only 18 days until the first day of spring!

Even though this winter has been extremely mild for Utah, I'm dying for greenery! 
My heart gets so happy when I can look out and see green trees, bright colored flowers and 
hear birds chirping. There really is nothing better. This year is thee year (okay, we've been 
saying this since we moved in but this time we mean it.) This is going to be the year we 
landscape the yard. 

When we moved into our house a few years ago the lawn was a mess. It was so neglected and 
every year we've been working on improving the grass, getting rid of all the weeds and dreaming
of lining our fence with pretty trees and shrubs. But holy poop! Trees and shrubs are so expensive! 
We bought two little tiny trees last year and that alone was $100! But we've been saving up 
specifically for this year and now that Josh will be done with school we will actually have 
the time to get it done. I will say however, the one good thing about our yard is this huge lilac 
bush right next to our bedroom window. I go crazy over lilacs and during the summer I'll 
open our window and whenever a breeze comes in it carries with it the smell of lilacs. 

Okay have I made you crave spring yet? ;) If talking about yummy smelling flowers and birds 
chirping wasn't enough maybe this cute dress from Shabby Apple will be! It fits like a dream and 
is such a breezy and cool dress, I imagine it will be perfect for hot summer days and even running
errands in! The entire Shabby Apple spring line is so beautiful and colorful!

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