Vacation Me | Vegas Nights

Okay I'll be honest, since becoming a mom I much prefer dressing comfy in my ripped
jeans, loose tees and worn in sandals over anything else. BUT when in Vegas, mom or not,
it's so fun to get dressed up and feel a little fancy and dare I say... sexy for a night.

A couple years ago I wouldn't have thought twice about picking out this dress
and throwing it on but now that I'm a mom. Can I? Should I?
My husband said "Why wouldn't you??" And so I did and I felt beautiful.
A feeling I've been lacking for quite some time.

For an entire night I felt like my pre-baby self. I felt sexy! 
I love this dress from Windsor Store and they have got you covered for any type 
of event from casual summer days to prom night. Kind of makes me wish I could 
go back and change my entire prom look ha! 

Oh and while we were in Vegas our night consisted of finding the most spectacular and romantic restaurant  
a buffet and stuffing our faces accompanied by lots of window shopping. 

Graduation Gala Look

Lip Balm / Baby Lips  ||  Bronzing Powder / Benefit Hoola  ||  Blush / Elf Pink Passion 

Pressed Powder / Loreal True Match  ||  Eye Liner (for eyebrows) / Younique 

Eyeshadow / Naked Basics 2 / Bare Minerals  ||  Pencil Eyeliner / Rimmel  

Mascara / Loreal Voluminous / Younique 3D

"Lip Primer" / Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser  ||  Lipstick / Covergirl 300 

Mattifying Powder / Elf

New Blooms

Our little vacation came and went in a whirlwind of fun in the sun and now that we're back
home to our daily routines we've been dying for spring. Before we went grocery shopping
the other day we stopped by the nursery to check out all the new blooms. It totally made
being home a little bit better ;) And now we can hardly wait to get started planting our garden!
I've been telling Josh we need to start a garden for 3 years now (when we first bought our house)
and trying to do that while he was in summer school just wasn't going to fly. I'm so happy
we have the time now to actually do it.

Growing up my parents would plant grow a garden every year and I remember every Saturday
morning going out to help pull weeds and snack on the yummy tomatoes. We then would make
fresh salsa on the weekends from what we grew and oh man, it was the greatest! I can't wait to
share that with Copeland this year, although he's still not quite old enough to really help, I think
he'll love helping to eat the yummy things we grow :)

Vacation Me | Toddler Edition #OOTD

tank c/o Little Adi / bummies c/o Little Adi / sandals / beanie / backpack c/o My Tiny Tote

Sometimes I think Copeland's outfits are way cuter than mine.

Okay I feel like that the majority of the time and this Little Adi 
combo is no exception. He wore this while out for the day in Las Vegas 
and he just knew that he looked so handsome! He was just a dancin while
we watched the Bellagio fountains and was having so much fun! People
would stop and clap with him and he ate it up. He's such a little ham haha!
This little combo will be getting lots of wear this summer :)

Thanks for reading! We're off for a night out on the town!
(and by that I mean on the hunt for an awesome buffet) 

Vacation Me | Traveling with Inglesina

Welcome back, friends!

Today for Vacation Me I am featuring the new Inglesina Net Stroller

When it comes to road trips, having enough room for everything kind of gives me anxiety. 
I typically will pack a full suitcase for myself and then a carry-on sized bag for all of 
Copeland's things and Josh also packs a large duffel bag and he usually brings his golf
clubs with us, jussssttt in case he gets the chance to golf.  When we get ready to put 
everything in our little trunk it takes some rearranging to get everything to fit (we also 
keep a large emergency backpack in our trunk). When planning for our Vegas road trip 
we knew we needed to opt for a smaller stroller, but one that would still be comfortable 
for Copeland to ride around in when he got tired of running around ;) 

We then found the Inglesina Net stroller and fell in love with the sleek and chic design. 
When it arrived we tested it out right away. We wanted to make sure we made the right 
choice for comfort. And the verdict... Copeland approves! He even fell asleep in it 
while walking around the block the other day haha and he keeps climbing in and out of
it and then will yell out me to push him around. Little stink!

I love that this stroller does reline a bit so Copeland can be even more
comfortable if he happens to fall asleep. The ride was awesome! It was so smooth
over the bumpy asphalt of our neighborhood and steering it was so easy. But would it
fit with all our stuff?? Yep! It did indeed! And we still have extra room so now we
can pack up the portable crib / pack n' play! 

If you are in the market for a lightweight umbrella stroller (only 11 lbs.!),
go check out the Inglesina Net. We are so happy with this stroller choice and can't
wait to try it out some more in Vegas

I will be sharing a video when we get back of all the features the Net stroller offers
and let you see it in action! 

Feed Yourself Fit: Ab Routine Video

Happy Monday friends!

I'm SO excited to share this video my health coach, Brette and I made all about working on those abs.

In our eBook Feed Yourself Fit: The Routine, you'll find three different ab routines
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This is not a crash diet. This is a kick start plan into a complete healthy lifestyle change in getting rid of the excess weight and keeping it off for good! We want you to take control of your health and change your body through changing your habits, not by going on some crazy cleanse or some diet that is impossible to live with longer than a month. We understand that changing how you eat can be difficult and that is why we have created a meal plan that has easy to make meals that satisfy. Including family friendly dinner options for us moms, wives or girlfriends with picky eaters (i.e. my husband). Our meal plan also includes sweets, because to be honest, who doesn’t like a little chocolate every now and then? As you continue working on changing your eating habits your cravings will also start to change. You might start to crave fruits instead of ice cream or a sweet potato instead of chocolate. This plan is here to help start those changes within yourself for a lifetimes of health and happiness :)

About Us. Hi! My name is Natalie Jensen. When I became pregnant I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to carry this little baby in my belly. I figured I would gain what the doctors told me, the typical weight gain of 25-30 lbs. As the weeks and months went by and the morning sickness stuck around, the weight kept piling on. After giving birth to my son I had gained over 60 lbs. At first I was so consumed with being a new mom that I didn’t notice the extra weight. I would work out here and there in the beginning, but it wasn’t until around 5 months postpartum and I was still only able to fit into my maternity jeans that I knew the weight might not just fall off with nursing like so many other moms told me. I knew I was going to have to change my eating habits and my non-existent exercise routine to get to where I wanted my body to be. I became dedicated and motivated and by changing my eating habits and exercise regimen, I lost 70 lbs.! I know how difficult losing weight and sticking to a routine and meal plan can be and that is why I wanted to create this e-book! To help and inspire other women and mothers who were like me. Because, let's face it, I had no clue about the first thing to eating right. I was lost. Things I thought were healthy turned out not to be so great.

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Vacation Me | Cropped and Pleated

pleated skirt c/o - Windsor Store | crop top - Forever 21 | heels (old) - Similar
 clutch c/o - Hayden Harnett | sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

My soul was made for the sunshine, the heat and the summer. It's so my happy place!
Today I'm sharing a fun vacation look or really an any day spring/summer look.

I'm totally digging this pleated skirt from Windsor Store for the perfect day date outfit. 
I paired it with my lemon Hayden Harnett leather clutch for some fun color 
and just really love the whole vibe of this outfit. I can't wait to wear this in Vegas! I love 
how chic and casual it is for an afternoon out to lunch and site seeing around the strip.

We cannot wait to spend some time away from the loads of homework Josh typically
has (I'm sure all college students can relate!) to just be able to spend time with
eachother and Copeland. Josh and I love exploring, finding new yummy restaurants
and window shopping and bringing Copeland along for all of that makes life so
much better, even in Vegas! :) I'm sure it's definitely different than when Josh and
I used to go there pre-baby. But we can't wait to find new things to do and explore
with our little silly!

Anyway, what do you ladies think? Remember when I said a goal of mine was to wear a 
crop top in this post, but really never thought I actually would? Well, it happened! 
I found the confidence within myself to just do it and rock it!

Spring Break (What I'm Bringing) Video

We are way too overly excited about spring break this year!
Maybe it's because Copeland is older and more interactive or maybe it's just
the simple fact that it's spring break which means no school, no work and just
complete play time all day and night! Either way, we're stoked and ready to hit the road!

I quickly made this video for my YouTube channel of some things I like
to bring on spring break. It's in no way an essential type video, but more
just for fun and really just my favorite stuff. Enjoy! And make sure to subscribe to my channel!

pineapple backpack - My Tiny Tote | yellow clutch c/o - Hayden Harnett | floral hat - Sly Fox Threads | dry shampoo - Walmart | tanning mousse - Ulta | baby lips - Ulta | sunglasses c/o - Windsor Store | striped bikini top - Victoria Secret | triangl bikini - Triangl Swimwear | blanket - similar | pool float - Target (Love this one and this one!)

Vacation Me | Sun, Swim & Bronzed

 bikini - Target / sunglasses c/o Windsor Store / sunscreen - Nordstrom

Josh and I have a couple vacations planned in the upcoming months and so
I thought it would be so fun to share my favorite vacation items over the next
few weeks through a series called "Vacation Me".

I'll be sharing my favorite styles and travel items from some of my favorite companies.
We are first heading to Las Vegas and so the next few posts will be all
about road tripping and fun vacation outfits geared for the warm Vegas weather.

I know some people aren't huge fans of Las Vegas. But it's one of
mine and Josh's favorite places to visit. We've been going there every year
since we started dating, 8 years ago. I mean obviously there are the bad parts,
just like anywhere else, but there are some really amazing things too! This year
we are so excited to visit the Neon Bone Yard Museum (if they'll let us take
Copeland. Fingers crossed!) and we really want to take Copeland on the
High Roller ferris wheel at night so he (and Josh and I) can see all the pretty Vegas lights!
Oh! And of course, you can't forget about the food while in Vegas. So many great eats,
including our favorite breakfast spot, The Sugar Factory!

Today it's all about sunnies (featuring Windsor Store.), swimwear and of course a
good faux tan so let's dive right in ;)

Sun. Sunglasses are pretty important on vacation (and anytime your outside).
You definitely want to protect your eyes from the harsh sun and in my
opinion I love a fun and cute pair of sunglasses like these from Windsor Store.
They are my favorite right now!

Swim. There are so many cute bathing suits out that you really don't have to drop
a ton of money on them. I mean of course the Mara Hoffman's are gorgeous
and same with the oh so popular Triangl bikinis but you can go to Target
and pick one up that's just as cute for about $30! I have a lot of Target swim suits
and love them all just as much as my Triangl bikini. Especially this one!

Bronzed. I'm all about a good faux tan. I stopped tanning in tanning beds a few years
ago and always keep sunscreen on if I go out. Definitely don't want premature age spots!
I love the smell of this sunscreen. It's so yummy!

In order not to look like a complete ghost, I absolutely love St. Moriz tanning mousse.
It's identical to St. Tropez for a fraction of the price. I honestly use this at least once a
week or anytime I want to little color. Works like a charm! I attached a video of how
to apply it below.

I hope you will enjoy this fun little series! Thanks for reading!

-shop sun, swim and bronzed post-


Noxx Apparel

^excuse the #doucheykisseyface. Just workin it for the man behind the camera ;) ^

I'm really so excited about one of my favorite companies Noxx's new apparel line launching today!!! 
You may have remembered this blog post of Copeland in his cute slouchy beanie and this post 
featuring a Noxx headband. I really adore the owner Jennifer and her products are truly some of my favorites. 
Copeland wears his beanie all the time and I love my headband, especially when working out. 

Go check out Noxx, especially if you have little ones! Okay, and even if you don't because they have 
these cute tanks and headbands for us lady folk :)

Follow Noxx on Instagram HERE