Setting Goals and Crushing Them

Setting goals is a huge deal when starting your weight loss journey. It's what will help keep you going and keep you motivated to push yourself harder.

It's important to not set goals you know are unattainable. For example "I'm going to lose 20 lbs. by next week." Setting huge goals like this will only set yourself up for disappointment and you will become discouraged when next week comes and you've only lost 2 lbs. when you had your mind set that you were going to be 20 lbs. lighter. 

Setting small goals are much easier to accomplish, obviously. And when you do accomplish them you feel proud, excited and it pushes you to work harder on your next small goal. Eventually all of these small goals start adding up to this huge change! I'm not saying it's bad to have a big goal in mind but give yourself time to accomplish it. I had an overall goal of getting into better shape postpartum by 1 year pp and I made small goals to eventually get that big one.

When I started losing weight the first thing I told myself and had to keep reminding myself of is that the weight would not fall off over night. It wouldn't come off in a week or a month. This was going to take time. I had to be patient. I had to trust in the process. At first I would set really really small goals like 'get through one day of eating every scheduled meal' or at the time I rarely ate breakfast so a goal was to 'eat breakfast everyday for a week'. After the week passed I'd look back and feel proud that I was able to accomplish that small goal and then I'd create a new goal for the next week. 

As I continued on my journey my goals changed. They went from eating right to losing this much weight by this deadline (ie., 5 lbs in one month) to fitting into my old jeans by X date. Even to this day I set goals for myself. My current goal is to feel comfortable in a crop top (although I'd never have the guts to wear a crop top out in public, I just want my body to be at a place that I'd feel comfortable in one. Does that make sense? Haha) 

A great way to help you reach your goals is to create a goal board and hang it where you will see it everyday like on the fridge, on your vanity mirror, etc.. Just anywhere you can look at it daily. Put a picture of a reachable goal on the board. If your goal is to run a marathon, put a picture up of a girl running or a picture of the marathon you want to run in. If your goal is to eat healthy put a picture up of healthy food choices. When your mind sees that picture you will be reminded daily of what your overall goal is and you will make smarter choices throughout the day. Honestly this is such a mental thing. Think mind over matter.

Another thing I would do to help motivate me was I bought a skirt I had been drooling over. It was little and sparkly and I loved it! I bought it in a size small and I gave myself about 3-4 months to be able to fit into it. I felt so proud when I was able to put that skirt on. Some people don't recommend buying things in a different size than you currently are, but for me it was a huge motivator to accomplish and stick to my goals. 

You can do this! Give yourself time, keep a journal and kick butt!

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