Hidden Crown Extensions

Hi ladies! Today I'm sharing my love of hidden Crown extensions with you. As many of you know I've been using the 20 inch Crown extensions for almost a year now and love them. Today I'm showing you the different lengths they offer and I'll also be uploading a stacking video which is a tutorial video showing you how to stack two different wefts for a fuller look, perfect for my girls with thick hair! Enjoy! And and just ignore my long sob story about how we were all sick this past week haha! Sorry!

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I'm wearing color #60/8P


Summer Ann said...

Love the extensions! I need some new ones now that I colored my hair different.

Summer Ann
Simply Summer Ann Blog

Jaimie said...

I was amazed when you wore them boating and they stayed on perfectly!!!! They are amazing extensions, I need some I think haha

Heather Wambolt said...

Hello! I always love your videos! I have been dying to get the Halo Crown - however I haven't been able to try one on so I am really nervous to spend the money! My hair is a little thinner than yours and I am worried it won't cover up the weave in the back! Have you ever had any trouble with that? Thank you!