Pink Sunsets

Copeland - top (old) similar / jeans / shoes 

Although this has been such a mild winter for Utah we are so ready for spring over here and so is my wardrobe. I can only do layers and dark colors for so long before I just want to pull out all of my maxis, tees and sandals. Anyone else get that way about mid-January? Oh how I'm longing for warm summer days. When I received this tote, it just reconfirmed my need for green trees, picnics and a golden (faux) tan ;)

This is Petunia Pickle Bottom's new Downtown Tote and it will definitely be making many park trips with us this summer as it is so big, has tons of pockets and is water repellent. A must with a toddler, right mamas? 

I know it's only January, but do you have any fun summer trips planned? 
Where is your favorite vacation spot? Josh and I are still saving and hopefully will be booking a graduation family vacation soon! Suggestions are definitely welcome needed :)


Summer Ann said...

Very cute! Light pink is totally your color. Love the bag and it would be perfect for outings with our little guy! I always carry big bags.

Summer Ann

Bianca G said...

Such a cute outfit! The bag is adorable also. A few trips we have planned, is to visit some family in Colorado. I've grown up in California, and although I'm a "cali girl", i long for moving out of state to a much slower less crowded place. So, since we have family in CO., thats where we will visit! We also go riding in the desert with our dirt bikes and camp!

If I can recommend a vacation for you as a family, I would DEFINITELY hands down visit Thailand! Phuket specifically since you have your little guy. It's cheap, beautiful, the people are so sweet and genuine. My hubby and I went for our honeymoon a few years ago. Best!

Mia Larby said...

Aw this is beautiful!

Becky M said...

That skirt is so pretty and would be perfect for vday!! Gorgeous!

Bella Brunette said...

I am loving this look! It already feels like spring in California so I'm going to have to get my hands on that maxi skirt :)

John Marine said...

This casual outfit is beautiful! The buttoned T-shirt is nice, but I totally love the maxi skirt. The handbag and sandals are also charming. Also a pretty smile and hairstyle. You are very princess-like here. Well styled!