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As of late you can pretty much guarantee that I'll be in some sort of workout gear. Or sweats, you know, whatever ;) I've been doing so good with getting to the gym lately. It's been hard but sometimes I'll just make myself go, even it's 11 at night. Well until I got sick. I definitely need my rest when I catch a bug. 

I've been a little absent from social media the past few days. This week has been quite crazy. There have been a lot of things going on within my family and my heart has been so heavy. I've been trying my best to stay positive because I just don't see the point in sulking, but it's sometimes hard not to feel down, you know? I wish there was a way to help solve everything going on and to heal hurt hearts. With everything going on with my family, to top it off, the other day our kitchen sink faucet broke off and then our dishwasher flooded our kitchen. It's our fault for putting laminate down and Josh and I right then promised to put down tile in our next home. It's been a nightmare pulling up the floor and trying to figure out what's going on with the dishwasher. 

I also came down with some sort of bug and feel so yucky. The pressure in my head is so intense and all I want is to sleep or take hot baths. For you mamas you know that's kind of impossible haha. Copeland has been such a sweetheart though. He's been a little sick but not as bad off as I have been thank goodness! 

I also feel like I'm at a plateau (probably from being sick) that I cant seem to shake. It's been frustrating to say the least. I've been extremely bloated and my midsection is just not wanting to cooperate with all the planks, bicycle crunches and sit-ups! Anyone else kinda feeling like poop? Maybe it's just the stress of everything going on lately? Let's keep each other motivated, wherever we are in this journey, whatever our goals may be. We can do this! 

Thanks for reading. You have no idea how much your support means to me!


Summer Ann said...

You look great!! And I love little man's shoes. Too cute!

Summer Ann
Simply Summer Ann Blog

Bianca G said...

Super cute outfit! Hope you're feeling better lady. Maybe its baby #2! ;) xoxo

The Snows said...

Aww Natalie!! Drink a lot Gatorade and Canada Dry!! Feel better!!
Copeland looks so grown up and tall!! Love his shoes!

Jennifer Sabino said...

Aww! You are such a sweet person-I hate you're kind of having a bad luck streak going on right now. Just can only get better. :)

Anonymous said...

He looks so big here! Your a babe