And yet another semester starts. This time with a broken down car, gloomy grey days and a countdown until spring break. I'm not complaining. I mean sure sharing one car is kind of the pits, but I've been trying to stay inside with Copeland as much as possible anyway as we have yet to get sick (knock on wood). At least we have one car that has been great at saving our butts in times like these and so we will share and be grateful. 

Josh and I will celebrate our 6th anniversary this year. Where has the time gone? We are so looking forward to this year. It has been long awaited. The year of graduation. I can't believe this is Josh's last semester. His final one! (except that one tiny little class during the summer, but I'm just going to pretend that doesn't exist.) He will be walking in May! I can't get over it. I am so proud of him. So extremely proud that he is almost there. All the hard work, money saved and spent on tuition, living off frozen burritos and cup a' soup most nights, hours cooped up studying, 45 minute long train rides to 30 minute bus transfers, classes that last until 10 pm, it will all be worth it in just a few short months. Well done b'ff. 

And you just know that my little list making, OCD self has been all over planning our Josh's graduation vacation. As much as we love going on big family vacations, I can't even remember the last time Josh and I went on a vacation alone. Actually, yes I do it was in 2010!! I would say we are long overdue for a trip for two three. Of course this time will include one small little dude, but he's totally cool and fun so we can't wait to share with him our all time favorite vacation spot! 

Even though it has been a pretty mild winter (as in hardly any snow), we are so ready for spring. After Christmas comes and goes I sort of get super antsy for the warmth. My body lives for the dry summer days. I'm definitely not cut out for this cold Utah weather. 

We think this is the year of baby #2! I'm so nervous to be pregnant again. I had a horrible pregnancy with Copeland so that scares me but it just sort of feels right. Well it will feel even more right in a few months from now when we will actually start trying ;) Maybe. Copeland needs a little buddy. He adores other kids so much! 

Speaking of Copeland, that kid keeps me on my toes! Man he's one cute little cookie. He is so unbelievably happy like 95% of the time or just whenever he has had his daily nap. Something I always want to remember is how cute he is when it's nap time or bed time. He will run down the hall as fast as his little legs will go, waddle his way into his room, try so so hard to climb up onto the rocking chair, get all positioned and comfy and then point up at his books and say "eh, EH!". I just can't handle the cuteness that is Copeland Cruz. He eats so much. Like SO MUCH you guys. Tuna with pickles is his favorite, but pretty much any food is his favorite. He's still obsessed with balls (there's literally 10 within a square yard of me) and could show me his jump shot all day long. He loves to dance, clap, randomly have conversations with himself and he will tackle pretty much anything that looks like a big fluffy pillow. He also does this thing with his hand where he'll point up his index finger and wave it really fast in a zig zag in front of him whenever I tell him no or ask him what he's doing as if he were to say "not uh, mommy" Oh my word, it kills me! 

Another year has gone and it wasn't long enough. We had a lot of happiness and a lot of sadness in 2014. There were so many ups and downs with our families. There wasn't enough time to make every happy memory last but 2015, we're coming for you and we can't wait!


Summer Ann said...

What an exciting year!! Ours was off to a rough start but we are hoping for #2 as well which will make things way better!

Summer Ann

The Snows said...

Natalie! I love your blog and all the wonderful things you have accomplished as a blogger! Teach me your ways!! I am currently pregnant with my first baby due in July 2015. I also didnt get all day sickness until week 6 and it lasted until week 11. I lost four pounds and was underweight at my appointment. Now I finally gained the four pounds back. Yay! I get to find out the sex in four weeks!! Get pregrant soon so I can ideas for cute pregnancy clothes or giveaways! lol just kidding take yout time! My email is andrea.snow11@gmail.com email me and teach me your blogging skills and how to get sponsers! I would love to be feature on your blog!
Andrea Snow

Anonymous said...

I was never cut out for the cold Colorado days for 25 yrs!!! I have to admit I love warm Cali- but miss cute snow clothes! Yay for second babe!

Jennifer Sabino said...

Goodness gracious! Lots of snow! And you look gorgeous as always. Do you still plan on doing a post about your anxiety? I know you've been busy with your new ebook!

- Jennifer