Picture Frames // Oil Display Shelf - Josh built // Nightstand - Josh built

I want to start this post by saying I am not a morning person. AT ALL. I could sleep til noon if a little someone would allow it :) I need my sleep or else I am one unhappy camper. It's really quite ridiculous. I always thought that once you became a mom you would just sort of change into a morning person, but nope. I still hate mornings and I still love my sleep. That is when I use to be able to get a good nights sleep...

So I'm sure many of you have seen these mattresses that are shipped to you in a huge box, right? I will be the first to admit that I was a little skeptical about them. How comfortable could a mattress be when it's shipped in a box just a little bigger than myself?

Well, I was pretty much put in my place when we decided to try out Tuft & Needle. I can't even put into words how great this mattress has been! Especially for my pregnant self. My gosh, it's honestly like sleeping on your own personal fluffy cloud. It's really is a little piece of perfection in a box. The first night we slept on it, Josh was amazed. He woke me up the next morning just to let me know how well he slept and that we will always be customers of Tuft&Needle. It's honestly that good! It was actually pretty funny. Our previous mattress we have had since we've been married. It was our first official married couple purchase and we were so proud of it! Until just recently (okay, more like within the past couple years) when we started noticing our backs killing us every morning and the tossing and turning that happened every night. The first night we slept on our Tuft & Needle mattress Josh turns to me and says "I started searching for my indent and couldn't find it and then I remembered we have this sweet new mattress!" You guys should have seen him. He was like a little boy on Christmas morning! And yes, our previous mattress had indents of where we would sleep. All nicely sunken into those uncomfortable mattress springs... so awful. So all I can say is hallelujah to no more springs and hello to comfy foam!

You can read all about Tuft&Needle HERE but one of my favorite things about this company is that they make the mattresses in the United States. The fabric actually comes from a family owned textile company in the Carolinas and the foam is poured and cut here in the United States.

When we move Copleand into a twin, we will definitely be getting him one of these mattresses. He currently has been sleeping in our bed since May, you guys. MAY! As much as I love him sleeping with us, I'm not getting any smaller from here on out so we finally got him out of our bed and into his own room with his own big boy toddler bed last week so he hasn't yet experienced the delight of this mattress ;) Soon big guy, soon!

thank you Tuft & Needle for sponsoring this post!

December Sayings

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! We had the best time just hanging out at home and spending time with family and friends :) Copeland is getting sillier by the day! Here are some of his Decemeber sayings... 
  • When we tell him we love him he replies with "I love you too" we then say "Love you more" and he says "I love you most." 

  • The other day he came onto the bed and pried open my eye and asked "Mama build snowman?"  Can you tell we obviously watch too many Disney movies! 

  • While I was tickling his feet the other night he laughs and says to me "WOW mom, you're are pretty crazy!"

  • We love eating the sweetie oranges (we call them baby oranges) and I grabbed one asked Copeland if he wanted a baby orange. He looked at the orange I was holding out and says "I do want that baby orange! Baby orange looks like baby Jesus, I love baby Jesus!" 

  • If he gets hurt on anything (wall, stubs toe on table, playing too rough and gets hurt with his wooden toy hammer) he will point to whatever hurt him and say "Silly hammer", "Silly table" "Silly wall" as he's trying not to cry and doing his best to hold back tears.

  • During dinner prayer the other night Copeland yells out "Heeeyyyyy! What's the big idea!?" Right as the food was being blessed. #facepalm 

  • Santa brought him a kitchen for Christmas and today he came up to me with a plastic egg and said "Mama! Mama! I made you eggs!" "Ohh yummy! Thank you! You're the best cook there ever was!" I told him. As he's walking away he says "You're welcome. Happy Birthday mama." My birthday is in May haha.

  • We were watching tv and a commercial came on and
    Copeland completely stops what he was playing with, watches the commercial and once it's over he looks at me all wide eyed and says "That was weeiiirrrrdddddddd"

Little Boy Stocking Stuffers

I am so excited for Christmas this year! Copeland is already obsessed. Every morning he tells the Christmas tree good morning and gives it a hug and a kiss. We have also been trying to teach him the meaning of Christmas and keep trying to veer his attention to the nativity set or the baby Jesus ornament but I think the lights on the tree are just too much for his little attention span haha.

With him more alert this year though, Christmas morning will be so much fun! My favorite thing ever is stuffing stocking with goodies and fun toys. Opening my stocking was always my favorite thing on Christmas morning growing up. I always loved the little things that were in there.

We really didn't fill Copeland's stocking with too much this year but what we did fill it with we made sure was of good quality and would hold his attention longer than a day.

He LOVES wind up toys. We have about 6 right now but they are just really cheesy ones we've found here and there so I knew I wanted to get him some wind up toys because they will hold his attention for about an hour or at least until my hand is tired from winding them up!

So here is my list for fun stocking stuffers for little boys :)

Wind Up Duck Family - I just thought this was really cute. It's a little pricey but it's large and Copeland loves animals so I can already see him trying to hug and kiss this little duck family.

Wind Up Circus Walrus - We had a walrus like his but Copeland ripped the ball off and broke it. So I wanted to replace it for him because he loved that little walrus wind up toy SO MUCH!

Knit Dog - This was just too cute to pass up and we purchased it while it was on sale. So it was a good buy, Copeland loves all his stuffed animals and wants to take them EVERYWHERE. I wanted to get this one specifically because it is small enough to fit in my purse if he brings it while we're running errands.

Light Up Koi Fish Bath Toy - If your child loves animals like Copeland, they will probably love this little bath toy! It's really cute and has a 5 star review on amazon so I think a lot of kids love it! We bought one for my niece and I showed Copeland and he was in love and of course kept wanting to hug and kiss it and wanted to take a bath with it haha

Play Food - We got Copeland a kitchen this year for Chrismas because he is obsessed with food! I think he will love it because everytime we go to Ikea all he wants is to play with the kitchen. Anyway, I did a lot of research on play food and found that Learning Resources was the best. I ordered the lunch and breakfast baskets seperately but I wish I would have ordered this 3 pack because it's such a good deal!

I think he will love all of these toys long after Christmas day has passed. We are so excited! Happy Holidays everyone!

Snow Clay Hand Print Ornament


I was so excited to do this project with Copeland this year. I have a couple hand print clay forms that I did when I was little with my mom and sister. My mom hangs them on the Christmas tree every year and It's so fun to see them.

This recipe is so awesome because it is so silky soft! Copeland loved just playing with it and pushing the cookie cutters onto it. When it came time to actually get his hand print it was a little hard to get him to be interested in sitting still and letting me press his fingers down but after a couple different tries we finally got one that didn't look completely awful.

So I just googled a recipe. I just needed a small batch since I wanted to do only one big hand print ornament for us and then two small thumbprint ornaments for the grandparents. This recipe worked out perfectly!

Snow Baking Soda Dough 
1 cup Baking Soda
1/2 cup Corn Starch
3/4 cup Warm Water

Mix dry ingredients in a medium sized saucepan.
Add in warm water.
Heat over medium high heat, stirring constantly.
The mixture will start to bubble. Just keep stirring.
Eventually it will start forming into a dough with the consistency of mashed potatoes.
Once you reach that consistency remove from the stove and place the dough onto some wax paper or a cutting board. Let it cool for a few minutes and then start kneading it to get it really soft. I added a little bit of corn starch to it as I was kneading to keep it from sticking to the cutting board.

Once it's soft and pliable roll it out and start getting creative! You can make anything you want out of this dough. We decided to make a hand print ornament keepsake. I just used a bowl to cut out a circle and then helped Copeland press his hand down. Push a straw into the top to get a hole in which the ribbon will be placed. Set it aside to dry for the next couple of days, tie a ribbon through the hole and voila! We painted the date and Copeland's name on the ornament but you can even sketch that into the dough before it hardens if you'd like.

Also! Instead of letting it air dry you could also put it in parchment paper on a cookie sheet and bake for 45 minutes- an hour at 175 degrees :) 

We had a lot of fun doing this little project while listening to Christmas music and by the time we finished Copeland was ready for a nap :)

I hope you guys enjoy this and try it! Happy holidays friends! 

November Sayings

Before I had Copeland I followed a lot of mom blogs. They were my favorite to read because they were all so real.

One of my favorite blogs was run by a mama of a little girl and when she was a toddler this blogger would post about the cute and funny things she started saying. Those were my favorite! Reading and listening to things toddlers say is pretty hilarious. So I thought I would start sharing some of Copeland's sayings because he is becoming quite the little speaker at almost 27 months old.

So here are just a few of Novembers sayings that have made us crack up and say "awwwee". Enjoy!

  • Whenever anyone toots Copeland stops what he's doing looks at us and smiles and says "That was me mama/dada" and then scrunches his little nose and laughs. Thanks for taking one for the team little dude.

  • Whenever we change his diapers, poopy or not he always says "No, not me poop again!"

  • He wanted a toy at Target and I told him not today and he lets out this biggest "Bummmeerrr"

  • If he can't figure out how to turn something on or do something, for instance he was trying to peel an orange by himself and couldn't get it, he will say "Maybe my drewdriver (screwdriver) will fix it?" and then will go look for his toy screwdriver.

  • When I ask him something and he doesn't want to answer, for example "Copeland what are you doing?" or "Where you going baby?" he replies with "Hold on mom, hold on."

  • Driving in the car to anywhere as long as Josh and I are both in the car he says "This is fun! This is so fun!"

Back to Blogging

Hello friends! As you may have noticed (or maybe not ha) I've been a little MIA for the past few months.
There have been many reasons why I've strayed from social media but the biggest reason is that we are
expecting baby #2 and already 16 weeks along!  I'm sure most of you have already guessed this though :)
I also just truly needed to take time away from social media to focus on my family. They are the most important
parts of me and I owe them my time and love and my blog and Instagram were getting in the way of that.

And to be honest this pregnancy has been miserable both mentally and physically. When I found out we were
pregnant I was extremely excited. I called my 4 closest friends that moment the test read positive to share
the news and couldn't wait to tell Josh! I ended up telling him at a work party with a balloon art stork and baby.
I also started thinking about all the ways I could announce the pregnancy on social media and was so excited to
share it with all of my friends here!

Around 5/6 weeks into the pregnancy I started getting morning sickness pretty badly. Josh and I had a trip to
Disneyland already planned and so we went. We didn't want to be out of hundreds of dollars just because
I was a little nauseous haha. It was a ton of fun but obviously being that early into my pregnancy with the
morning sickness was not ideal. And I'll never forget that moment I threw up in front of hundreds of people,
had the Disneyland nurse come help me and watched as the crew quickly cleaned up the throw up
out of their perfectly manicured flowerbeds. Never again.

When we got back, the morning sickness definitely got worse and worse with each passing day. Not only
was I extremely nauseous, I also starting feeling extremely anxious (more than I normally am), depressed
and completely unmotivated. This all sounds pretty normal for being so early in pregnancy, with the surging
hormones and such. But something was off. This was different.

In June Copeland and I were rear ended while stopped at a red light. There wasn't too much damage done to
my car but the damage in my neck was pretty severe and I started seeing a physical therapist for about a
month before Josh, Copeland and I were rear ended for a second time. This time we were stopped on the
freeway off ramp and rear ended by a truck going about 50 mph. The hit of the crash sounded as if a bomb
went off in our car. I wasn't sure what had happened and instantly started crying when I realized how badly
my neck was hurting and after checking on and seeing Copeland screaming in the back seat. After the accident
we were all pretty bad off and started seeing a chiropractor which has helped so much! A little less than a
month after that accident we were stopped at a stop sign waiting for some people to cross an intersection
and we were hit into AGAIN. Three car accidents within a couple months of each other.

I soon started feeling extremely nervous while driving and would notice my heartbeat would get so intense
and I'd just start crying. I would constantly be checking my rear view mirror and I wouldn't drive on the freeway
at all anymore. I hardly left the house in fear of getting into my car and being hit. It got so bad to the point of
just being in my car would have me start envisioning these horrible crashes that would end with
Copeland being sent to the hospital and I being crushed by a car.

I finally started talking to Josh and my mom about how I was feeling and my mom suggested I see my doctor
for my anxiety. The day I went to my doctor was the day I took a pregnancy test at home. The doctor confirmed
my pregnancy at 3.5 weeks before diagnosing me with PTSD. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Call me
uneducated but I honestly thought PTSD was something that was only for those who have been through
severe trauma. Like the soliders who had seen horrific things overseas. How is being in a few accidents that severe?

The doctor explained that certain things affect people differently. What might have an effect on me didn't
on my husband. And what might effect my husband might not effect me at all. He told me that being in those
accidents so close together brought out and triggered some intense emotional feelings in my subconscious.
He recommended a couple different prescriptions and to talk with a therapist about it.

And well, call me dumb, but I ended up declining the prescriptions and never found a therapist. I've always been
an extremely optimistic person and so I thought it would just go away. After getting back from California
I thought I was fine, mentally. We had the best time and I thought that was all I needed, time away to heal.
It wasn't long until I started feeling extremely anxious again. I thought it was just the pregnancy. Once I
started noticing myself not wanting to get out of bed morning after morning, even on the days where I felt good,
I knew something was off. When I would get out of bed, I would just move myself to the couch (after making
Copeland breakfast, of course). I wouldn't say I was a complete failure as a mother.

I soon started hating looking in the mirror. I hated what I saw. When Josh would get home I would just go
the bed, I didn't want to be around him and things I once loved I now dreaded. Going to the movies, to dinner,
going out for long drives after getting slurpees or hot chocolate. Nothing was as good as staying in my dark room.
I was completely unmotivated and just didn't want to be pregnant anymore. I once was so excited to announce my
pregnancy and now I felt like I wanted to hide it from everyone. I would pray every night for the strength to
find happiness but when the morning came I dreaded it. I dreaded getting through the day trying to act normal.
Family and friends started noticing I wasn't myself. I rarely smiled, laughs were forced and I shut out anyone
who tried to contact me. I just wanted to be alone.

I started feeling completely unattached in this pregnancy, to this baby. I would pray about that as well every night.
When I did pray I noticed it helping me become a bit more connected towards this life in my tummy but it
wasn't like it was with Copeland. With Copeland I was over the moon. I was also working full time and
way more sick than I am this time but none of that mattered to me. I got through it with a smile on my face.
I was so extremely happy that I was carrying a little life that nothing seemed to get me, even throwing
up multiple times a day. And now here I am, of course I'm nauseous but rarely throwing up and this time
around the nausea is controlled by what and when I eat. I'm not working now although having a toddler
is pretty much the same as working ha. But I just felt... sad. All the time. From morning til night. Never
any let up. I would cry at the drop of a hat. I felt so incredibly alone, even though my husband tried everything
to help me. And maybe this sounds like normal pregnancy symptoms, for me it was different. I didn't go through
this with Copeland and so I felt like something was wrong. I felt extremely alone although I was the one intentionally isolating myself.

When I went in for my 12 week appointment I brought up how I'd been feeling and felt so guilty when I
had to tell him I never saw a therapist after the anxiety appointment I had made. My doctor is such a wonderful
man though. He gave me some truly great advice for how I was feeling and knew how I felt about prescriptions
so he suggested I start keeping a journal. He told me he knew how strong I was, how optimistic I use to be
and he told me he knew I could pull myself out of this but it would take a lot of work and mental strength.
I can't tell you how much that little thing he said meant to me. To have someone believe in you when you don't
even believe in yourself is something I really needed to hear. He also performed an ultrasound and we got
to see our little one. Already being so emotional after talking with him for 35 minutes about how I'd been feeling
and then seeing this little being move about was so emotional for me. I think the doctor knew it was what I
needed to get my mind into thinking more positively, along with the many other positive and spiritual things he
said which I so desperately needed to hear in that moment.

I did started keeping a journal. I would write down how I felt morning and night. He told me on the days I felt
good I needed to force myself to get out of bed, get ready and get out of the house, go for a walk with Copeland
or just go sit in the backyard with him, no matter how awful that sounded to me at that moment. He said fresh
air and vitamin D were the major things to really help lift up this sadness that was weighing me down.
It did help, the fresh air, but it was getting out of the house that was the hard part.The state of mind I was in
made it so hard for me to get a grip and get myself to do the things I knew would help.

Now about a month later I truly feel so much better. I had many days where I struggled and I do still sometimes
get into those dark mind days. Josh and I have been going for nightly walks which has helped so much.
On the days I don't want to do anything but lay in a dark room by myself I push myself to do it for Copeland.
He needs me. Every ounce of energy I have is spent on my little guy. And when I see his smiling little
face saying "mommy you wake up now?" I can't help but cry and feel so loved and wanted. For the longest
time It took everything in me to be there for him but it's something I needed to do. He is more important that myself.
Also, something that has brought me so much joy in this pregnancy was finding out baby's gender.
When the nurse told us the news I felt so much peace and love and instantly felt the connection I had been dying for.

Whew! That was a lot of information. And I now sound like the worlds worst mother, huh? But I felt like it
all needed to be put out there so you can sort of understand where I've been and why it has taken some
time to get back to blogging and social media. I have really missed blogging. It was such a huge help for me
as is journaling. I definitely needed to step back however and focus on myself and my family. It was the
best decision I have made but now I am so very excited to get back to it. As far as Instagram goes, at the moment
I don't think I'll be posting as often as I was (everyday was a bit too much for me) But I definitely want to
document this pregnancy through pictures and Chatbooks on Instagram. So I will try to start doing that more
and more.

Thank you guys for reading!! I appreciate it so much :)

Has anyone else felt this way during pregnancy or from any other traumatic experience?
I've found myself feeling so alone in this because I feel like people will think I'm crazy.
It's hard to open up and let yourself be this vulnerable so I would love to talk to you about it and how you've dealt with
these problems.

Favorite Florals

I can't get over this navy blue floral dress! It's going to be so great for 
fall transition to pair it with some black tights! And at less 
than $16, it's pretty much perfect! 

I'm usually not a huge fan of Forever 21 dresses because at 5'8" most of 
their dresses look more like a top than a dress but this one at 33" it's 
still short, don't get me wrong, but it's manageable and I love it! :) 

Here are a few of my other floral favorites 
(click the image to shop the look)

Stripes & Starbucks

This past weekend some family came up from out of town and it was so fun
all being together at my grandparents home for yummy food and late night laughs.

I wore this adorable little outfit from Bohme to the family party and I can't even
explain how comfortable it is! During the day my mom, sister, cousin and I
went out for some b-day shopping (can you believe my little man is turning 2!?)
and I got so many compliments on this outfit. I love the blue stripes but it is
also available in other colors which are just as cute! I can't wait to pack this up
to take to California next month! It will be so comfy for the beach!

Use code NATALIE15 to get 15% off your total purchase!!!! Thank you Bohme Boutique!

Also how is it already August? Do you have any last minute summer vacations planned!?

Instagram Outfit Round-Up

Top Left
JEANS similar HERE / TOP / SANDALS similar HERE / WATCH 
Copeland: Pants / Top / Shoes 

Top Right 
SKORT similr HERE / SWEATER / BAG similar HERE / SANDALS similar HERE
Copeland: Shorts / Top / Hat 

Bottom Left

Bottom Right 

I'm always a sucker for white. It's the one color of clothing that overruns my wardrobe! 
Here are my favorite white items. 

Feed Yourself Fit SALE!

The one thing that I have loved so much from creating Feed Yourself Fit are
the emails like this one from Amanda. A kick butt mom to two under two
who is succeeding at Feed Yourself Fit!

I can't tell you how big of a smile this has brought to mine and my health
coaches face. It means the world to us that we are able to help women
who are stuck in the same situation I was. Loosing weight will never
be a walk in the park for me but seeing you other mamas kicking butt at it
has really in turn helped myself to keep with it and to keep finding motivation!

The one thing I get asked so much is "Is the book easy to follow and practical"
The answer would be yes, I believe it is. Research shows that diets that are too strict
help you loose weight extremely fast but you are more likely to put that weight back
on within 6 months due to the diet being impractical for everyday life. Our book
teaches the importance of a balanced diet, which foods to eat and how to prepare them
in a way that is healthy, all while watching the weight come off! I've been living this
clean and healthy way of eating and have maintained my current weight (with a little
extra muscle growth) for over a year now!

Today we are having a HUGE sale, in fact the biggest sale we've ever had!

We have discounted both of the Feed Yourself Fit eBooks for only $25.00 for the two!

You will get the Feed Yourself Fit: The Plan and Feed Yourself Fit: The Routine for ONLY $25.00!
We are so excited to finally offer this low price so every woman can
have the tools to kick start their new healthy living routine!

But HURRY this sale will only last for the next 24 hours!
Purchase Below!

To start I just want to go over the program with you so you completely 
understand all of what you're getting! 

***Due to the nature of these books being available through 
an instant download, there will be no refunds or exchanges given. 
All sales are final. By purchasing you understand this.***

There have been some problems with the book downloading on iPhones.
Please be aware of this. I'm sorry for any inconvenience and am working on the problem.
Also please check your spam/junk folder for the confirmation email that will include the link(s)

Overview of Program

We are so excited for you to get started and to start seeing your body change! 
Within the e-book Feed Yourself Fit: The Plan you will find:

- An Easy to Follow 3 Week Meal Plan with Family Friendly Dinners

- Weekly Grocery Lists 

- Printable Weekly Meal Plan Calendars (being able to see your meal plan easily 
without the need to go into your phone or computer makes it much easier to follow!)

-  A Meal Prep Guide

- A Healthy Snack List 


- A Recipe Index with 30 Recipes!

Within the e-book Feed Yourself Fit: The Routine you will find:

- A 2 Week Home Routine

- A 1 Week Gym Routine

- A Printable Measurement Progress Chart

- A Suggested Supplement List 


- A Motivational Page (for those days when you just feel like poop and don't have any motivation to keep going.)

This is not a crash diet. This is a kick start plan into a complete healthy lifestyle change in getting rid of the excess weight and keeping it off for good! We want you to take control of your health and change your body through changing your habits, not by going on some crazy cleanse or some diet that is impossible to live with longer than a month. We understand that changing how you eat can be difficult and that is why we have created a meal plan that has easy to make meals that satisfy. Including family friendly dinner options for us moms, wives or girlfriends with picky eaters (i.e. my husband). Our meal plan also includes sweets, because to be honest, who doesn’t like a little chocolate every now and then? As you continue working on changing your eating habits your cravings will also start to change. You might start to crave fruits instead of ice cream or a sweet potato instead of chocolate. This plan is here to help start those changes within yourself for a lifetimes of health and happiness :)

About Us. Hi! My name is Natalie Jensen. When I became pregnant I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to carry this little baby in my belly. I figured I would gain what the doctors told me, the typical weight gain of 25-30 lbs. As the weeks and months went by and the morning sickness stuck around, the weight kept piling on. After giving birth to my son I had gained over 60 lbs. At first I was so consumed with being a new mom that I didn’t notice the extra weight. I would work out here and there in the beginning, but it wasn’t until around 5 months postpartum and I was still only able to fit into my maternity jeans that I knew the weight might not just fall off with nursing like so many other moms told me. I knew I was going to have to change my eating habits and my non-existent exercise routine to get to where I wanted my body to be. I became dedicated and motivated and by changing my eating habits and exercise regimen, I lost 70 lbs.! I know how difficult losing weight and sticking to a routine and meal plan can be and that is why I wanted to create this e-book! To help and inspire other women and mothers who were like me. Because, let's face it, I had no clue about the first thing to eating right. I was lost. Things I thought were healthy turned out not to be so great.

I want you to know that your fitness goals are possible, it just takes motivation and dedication. This is not something that will happen overnight, but if you put in the effort you will get results. When I started to create this e-book I knew I couldn’t do it alone so I sought the help of my friend and personal health coach, Brette Nelson.

Hello! My name is Brette Nelson. When Natalie asked me to join her in creating this e-book I was thrilled beyond words.  I am a wife and a mommy to two beautiful girls, one four year old and the newest addition is three months old.  Many of you are probably mothers and understand how difficult it can be to find a few minutes in the day to shower, not to mention cook and cook something healthy, well just forget it.  This is why I loved the idea of this e-book. It is designed to make something that seems so difficult be a little simpler. Health is my passion and a part of my life.  Growing up I would watch my mother do aerobics in the mornings, nothing fancy but enough to keep her fit, this is where my love for fitness began.  I was a gymnast during my adolescence which only made my love for health and fitness continue to grow.  I then attended Utah Valley University where I studied health and received a Bachelor of School, Health and Education degree.  I love teaching in the classroom but I am currently taking a break so I can be at home with my girls.  Because I am a health teacher I know that health in the home is most important and I hope that with the use of this e-book you will be able to create the changes you desire to live a healthy, happier and fitter lifestyle.

We know you will love these books and get fit in no time! It's important to know however that you may not get the results you want after just 3 weeks on the plan. This is a lifestyle change. Getting fit doesn't happen all of the sudden. It takes work, consistency and dedication to the process. But if you do what it takes you should start to see your body changing, your endurance increasing, measurements changing and/or clothes fitting better within a few months! You can definitely repeat the plan after the 3 weeks end however, our goal is to have taught you enough about healthy eating that you will now be able to make healthy choices for your family and continue on the road to your success!

Alright are you ready to this?! 

Because we don't want finances to get in the way of you reaching your 
fitness goals we have combined both books for only $25.00!!!
(you can also chose to purchase one book alone for $15.00)

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Watercolor Midi

TOP similar HERE & HERE / MIDI - H&M In Stores (shop my favorites below)
I've been having serious anxiety over it being the middle of July already! 
How is summer going by so fast!? 
I'm trying to soak in as much of the heat and sunshine I can to make it 
through another winter in Utah. And I'm also trying to squeeze in as many 
colorful pieces into my wardrobe as possible. I took the leap to colors 
and I'm still loving it! Josh even commented on this skirt saying how cute I looked
in it! I have never my husband say cute before so I totally felt like the giddy 19
year old I was when I first met him. 

Anyway, midis are a favorite of mine for summer so I linked below all of 
my favorites! 

|| Shop my favorite midis below ||

Flowy & Flared

JEANS - Lulu's / TOP - Kohls sold but I love these! 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 
HEELS - Nordstrom / WATCH - Forever21 / EXTENSIONS - Hidden Crown

I've gone into total birthday party planning mode with Copeland's SECOND 
birthday coming up, so being able to run errands in this effortless and comfy look
is something I'm all about! Plus, Josh gets a wife that looks put together (and not in pajamas)
and I still get to be comfortable. Win-win! 

So I've basically become a little a lot in love with these wide flare jeans from Lulu's
They have been such a great pair of jeans that I can dress up with some pumps 
and a flowy top or dress down with some wedges and a raglan tee for 
game night at the baseball fields! 

Am I the only one who was bummed when flare jeans went on the back burner for a few years? 

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