Holiday Gift Guides

This year has gone by insanely fast! 
It's already time to start thinking about holiday shopping! 

I created some fun gift guides for toddlers, for her and for him :)
Although Josh and I have chosen not to buy each other gifts this year since
it is his last year of school before he graduates, we are trying to save our money
to take an amazing vacation for his graduation. He definitely deserves to spend a week or two 
away so that's what we will be saving for instead! :) 
But if we were going to get each other gifts, these are some things 
that you'd find on our wish lists.

Let's start with Copeland, since we will be buying him presents! 
We are so excited to see his face on Christmas morning :)

1. Jumbo Knob Puzzle. We had t order the construction trucks, of course. 
EVERY TIME we see a car he says "vroom vroom" so this was a must have for him. 
It's also a great learning toy and we love Melissa & Doug products, 
so I know we'll love this one! 

2. Flip Books. Copeland is obsessed with any kind of book, but he especially loves flip books. 
I wanted to buy this Presto Change-O, and I still might, but we ordered Where's Spot instead. 
I remember loving the Spot books as a child and since Copeland also loves animals, 
I thought he'd love this fun flip book about a dog names Spot :)

3. Pull Along Snail. So we bought this toy when I was pregnant. Talk about premature gift buying. 
I saw it and thought it was the cutest thing EVER! So it's been sitting the closest. 
Well, I ended up giving it to him for his 1st birthday, but he wasn't really interested since 
he wasn't walking yet so we put it up. I think he'll love it now that he's practically running! 

4. Janod Frappa' Ball. I'm so excited for this to come in the mail! I think Copeland will love it! 
It's a little hammer toy and the balls go down the ramp and ring a bell at the end. 
Copeland LOVES balls so I know this will for sure be a hit! 

5. Felt Food Set. Although the age recommendation is 3+, Copeland loved this play set 
when my niece received it as a birthday gift last month! He loved piling the the "food" onto 
the bread and then carrying the little sandwich around. We won't be buying it for him this year, 
but maybe for his 2nd birthday. It is really cute though and I was super tempted to buy it right now! 

6. Bath Toys. Right now Copeland doesn't have very many bath toys, so we improvise 
with cups and washcloths, not very fun and he gets bored really fast. I bought him a couple 
bath toys this year including a little wind up swimming toy, similar to this lobster
I also bought a little basketball set that suctions to the tun and comes with 3 little rubber balls. 
I hope he loves it!

7. Nite Lite. How cool is this moon nite lite?! Oh man, I wish I would have found it before 
I bought him a different nite lite. Copeland would have loved this! He loves pointing at the 
moon when we're outside so this would have been really cool! 

One last thing we're getting or making Copeland is a basketball hoop. 
This kid has got an arm and good aim. We want him to continue playing and 
developing that awesome skill so were either going to buy him a basketball hoop 
or have Santa's elves help us make one :)

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the yo-yo... my husband is like the worlds greatest yo-yoer you guys. 
such a babe :)

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