Sweater Love || Featuring Bohme

sweater size medium | leggings | sandals | diaper bag | sunglasses very similar | necklace similar 

Bohme is killing it right now with all their cozy sweaters and cardigans!
The sweater I have on is the perfect cuddle sweater because it is so soft!!!
Like unbelievably soft! I am tempted to sleep in this at night because
it's so cozy and comfortable!

Okay, enough with how soft and awesome it is :)
I paired this sweater with some casual black leggings and some leopard print sandals
for a more laid back, running after a toddler who is super quick on his feet, look ;)
but you could easily dress it up by pairing it with these faux leather trousers and a pair of booties.

I will definitely be adding a few more Bohme sweaters to my collection this winter.
Like this one and this one because let's face it, in Utah for a girl who hates snow,
sweaters make winter a little bit more tolerable :)

Be sure to follow Bohme on Instagram here!
They are currently holding a search for a Brand Ambassador
so go follow them for the rules on how to enter!

thank you Bohme for sponsoring this post!

Oh and a quick question, I'm making a fitness / diet / postpartum video. 
What would you guys like answered?? 


Katie said...

You're so adorable!! I have a question...what are your favorite moves to get rid of the mommy tummy? I am 8 weeks postpartum and haven't started working out again yet, and I really don't know where to start! I have a bit of a pooch that I never had before, even though I am about 8 pounds away from pre prey weight.

Val @ Chicken Scratch. said...

adorable! Your style is spot on. ALWAYS.
What is your fave brand of leggings???
BTW!!! I bought that flying monkey brand skinny jeans and they are equally awesome to the flares. I swear they are so comfy! Thanks for that advice!

Brittany McDaniel said...

Love the outfit and LOVE your hair like this! Could you do a short tutorial on this hair style?

Courtney Craven said...

I love your hair in this tutorial! I also have the halo crown, and are you wearing it in this? If so, how do you do your hair up like this? I really love your hair like this, super cute!