Parenthood. That magic thing that happens from the moment you
read the positive test. From the get go we start planning, thinking about
and wondering what kind of parent will I be?

How will I teach, grow and discipline my child?

I like to make lists, I write lists all day long of things I need to do, things
I need to buy, just lists. When I was pregnant I wrote many lists on how I
wanted to parent. Who I wanted to be as a parent and what I wanted to teach my son.
Now that Copeland is here, those lists are thrown away and I've learned to just go
with the flow. Whatever happens, happens.

I constantly wonder if I'm doing this right. The whole parenting thing.
Am I teaching Copeland what I should be teaching him at each age.
Is he growing right, learning correctly and developing normally?
The biggest question I have however is am I setting a good example for him to follow?

We all hear this over and over again, children are like sponges. They take in everything.
They are so aware of their surroundings, of different emotions and feelings being
conveyed by those around them.

I love reading parenting books and just watching other parents. 
You can learn so much from the parents you surround yourself with. 
I feel so lucky to be friends with so many inspirational parents that radiate 
love and tenderness. 

I strive to be a loving, patient and understanding parent, as I believe most do. 
I feel as if yelling never solves anything. I hate being yelled at so I never understood 
the whole parents yelling at their kids thing.  Even before I was a mom this would 
bother me while I was getting groceries and I could hear a mom yelling at her child 
an aisle down. Trust me there have been times with Copeland where I become 
frustrated and he's jut starting to get into his temper tantrum days, but I could never 
yell at him. What would yelling solve other than making him terrified of me? 
He listens so much more when I get down on his level and talk to him in a calm 
and caring tone. I truly believe he understands me, my wants and needs from him just 
as I understand him and his wants and needs. Although he tends to yell, cry and scream 
when he wants something ;) but well, he is learning and soaking it all in still. 

As a mom, what I've learned in the past 14 months, or more-so in the past few months
is that teaching by example is how I will parent. Copeland is a sponge. He gets everything.
He is so smart and he watches everything I do. As a child who is so in tune with his
surroundings, it is my job to teach him by how I react to situations, how I spend my time
and how I communicate. Teaching by example. If he sees me spending hours watching TV,
he will most likely want to watch TV constantly. If he sees me reading or baking, he might
just develop a love for reading and baking. If he hears me talk about others, gossip if you
will, he will learn that it is okay to talk about others. And of course, if I yell, he will learn that
yelling is a way we get what we want or become understood.

As parents, it is our job to teach our children, to help them grow into bright young people.
I love this sweet little boy more than I love myself. He is only in my home for a few short years 
before he starts school and then has his whole life to let the world seep in and control and 
corrupt him. But now, in these moments, he is tender hearted, he knows no hate and he is 
such a loving soul. I want to grow that and keep that in him as much as I possibly can. It all 
starts here within our home. 

I hope I'm doing this right. I am trusted with such a loving and sweet little soul. What a big responsibility it is. 

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