Let's Take a Road Trip

Blanket  ||  Sunnies  ||  Nail Polish  ||  Sweat Pants  ||  Hat  ||  Weekender  ||  Boyfriend Tee 

We are off! And It's all about comfort when we road trip!
But if I'm being honest, I still like to look cute or at least decent when we're road tripping.
I don't really want to look like I just rolled out of bed when I run into the gas station 
for another king size Twix ;) So I found some things that are comfy and still a bit stylish :) 

I am obsessed with these sweats and literally wear them EVERYDAY.
I know, gross, but they are amazing and so cute! And boyfriend tees 
are so comfy and in right now! I paired mine with a lacy cami underneath.

I have to have a blanket when I'm in the car for long periods of time.
Josh gets so hot and I'm always freezing, so a blanket is a must :)

And this may be weird, but does anyone else get a sense of put-together-ness if
you have a fresh coat of nail polish on your toes? No? Just me?

Aside from myself, Copeland will be just as comfy and cute in some sweat shorts and a comfy cotton tee! 

We also are stocked up on snacks and activities for him in the car, but I think he'll be pretty entertained
since we're driving there with my mom, sister and niece :)

See you in California!


Love always, Jess said...

Those sweatpants look super comfy!!


Ashley Brown said...

We have yet to take our little one on a road trip! Can't wait to hear about it! I also have to have a blanket on road trips!


Kassandra DeKoning said...

I have never been on a super long road trip! But if I was these would definitely key items! Looking forward to your Cali pics :)

Xo Kassandra