California || 03

Copeland Custom Mickey / Name Leggings 
I made these myself. I designed the
mickey ears and Copeland's name in Photoshop, uploaded the design to 
a fabric creation website, ordered the fabric and then made the leggings :)

We visited Disneyland Sunday night after we had lunch in Huntington 
and just walked around and went on a couple rides. We were pretty pooped
so we didn't stay long. 

Monday morning we got up and headed back to Disney and my dad came along as well!

We spent the whole day there and by the end of the night, Copeland just passed out 
right after watching the parade :) Disneyland wiped him out and us too! 

It was so fun to see Copeland there though, his favorite thing was Mickey Mouse's 
house in Toon Town. He LOVED sitting on and playing with all the things that were
just his size :)

After we met Mickey in Toon Town, my mom and dad watched the kids for us while 
we went on Space Mountain. It was so nice going with my family and made the car 
ride for the kids so much more enjoyable :)

Until next time Disneyland!


Bria Sommer said...

The picture of him touching Mickey's nose is so perfect! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Love them all!

Brittany Papke said...

I can't believe you made those leggings, I'm in love!!!