Sweater Love || Featuring Bohme

sweater size medium | leggings | sandals | diaper bag | sunglasses very similar | necklace similar 

Bohme is killing it right now with all their cozy sweaters and cardigans!
The sweater I have on is the perfect cuddle sweater because it is so soft!!!
Like unbelievably soft! I am tempted to sleep in this at night because
it's so cozy and comfortable!

Okay, enough with how soft and awesome it is :)
I paired this sweater with some casual black leggings and some leopard print sandals
for a more laid back, running after a toddler who is super quick on his feet, look ;)
but you could easily dress it up by pairing it with these faux leather trousers and a pair of booties.

I will definitely be adding a few more Bohme sweaters to my collection this winter.
Like this one and this one because let's face it, in Utah for a girl who hates snow,
sweaters make winter a little bit more tolerable :)

Be sure to follow Bohme on Instagram here!
They are currently holding a search for a Brand Ambassador
so go follow them for the rules on how to enter!

thank you Bohme for sponsoring this post!

Oh and a quick question, I'm making a fitness / diet / postpartum video. 
What would you guys like answered?? 

Picking Pumpkins || Featuring Noxx

Copeland || Beanie / Bodysuit / Leggings -Zara Sold Out- other prints here / Moccasins

If you live in Utah you need to go check out Gardner Village!
It is so stinkin' cute there that Copeland and I ended up going twice in one week:)
The weather is so amazing right now so we had to take advantage of it!

For all of us mamas of boys, wouldn't you agree that there are so
many cute boy things out right now!?

One of my favorite ways to accessorize Copeland is to put him in hats!
They are so boyish, protect his bald little head from the sun and are just so dang cute!
This beanie from Noxx is so awesome! The fit of it is perfect! It's just slouchy enough
but will stay put! He loves to try and put it on himself haha he's getting so big!
They also have matching headband and beanie sets for mamas and littles,
as seen in the first picture! So stinkin cute!

I have to get this brown one next and for the price, it's affordable
enough to mach his entire fall/winter wardrobe!

thank you Noxx for sponsoring this post!

Parenthood. That magic thing that happens from the moment you
read the positive test. From the get go we start planning, thinking about
and wondering what kind of parent will I be?

How will I teach, grow and discipline my child?

I like to make lists, I write lists all day long of things I need to do, things
I need to buy, just lists. When I was pregnant I wrote many lists on how I
wanted to parent. Who I wanted to be as a parent and what I wanted to teach my son.
Now that Copeland is here, those lists are thrown away and I've learned to just go
with the flow. Whatever happens, happens.

I constantly wonder if I'm doing this right. The whole parenting thing.
Am I teaching Copeland what I should be teaching him at each age.
Is he growing right, learning correctly and developing normally?
The biggest question I have however is am I setting a good example for him to follow?

We all hear this over and over again, children are like sponges. They take in everything.
They are so aware of their surroundings, of different emotions and feelings being
conveyed by those around them.

I love reading parenting books and just watching other parents. 
You can learn so much from the parents you surround yourself with. 
I feel so lucky to be friends with so many inspirational parents that radiate 
love and tenderness. 

I strive to be a loving, patient and understanding parent, as I believe most do. 
I feel as if yelling never solves anything. I hate being yelled at so I never understood 
the whole parents yelling at their kids thing.  Even before I was a mom this would 
bother me while I was getting groceries and I could hear a mom yelling at her child 
an aisle down. Trust me there have been times with Copeland where I become 
frustrated and he's jut starting to get into his temper tantrum days, but I could never 
yell at him. What would yelling solve other than making him terrified of me? 
He listens so much more when I get down on his level and talk to him in a calm 
and caring tone. I truly believe he understands me, my wants and needs from him just 
as I understand him and his wants and needs. Although he tends to yell, cry and scream 
when he wants something ;) but well, he is learning and soaking it all in still. 

As a mom, what I've learned in the past 14 months, or more-so in the past few months
is that teaching by example is how I will parent. Copeland is a sponge. He gets everything.
He is so smart and he watches everything I do. As a child who is so in tune with his
surroundings, it is my job to teach him by how I react to situations, how I spend my time
and how I communicate. Teaching by example. If he sees me spending hours watching TV,
he will most likely want to watch TV constantly. If he sees me reading or baking, he might
just develop a love for reading and baking. If he hears me talk about others, gossip if you
will, he will learn that it is okay to talk about others. And of course, if I yell, he will learn that
yelling is a way we get what we want or become understood.

As parents, it is our job to teach our children, to help them grow into bright young people.
I love this sweet little boy more than I love myself. He is only in my home for a few short years 
before he starts school and then has his whole life to let the world seep in and control and 
corrupt him. But now, in these moments, he is tender hearted, he knows no hate and he is 
such a loving soul. I want to grow that and keep that in him as much as I possibly can. It all 
starts here within our home. 

I hope I'm doing this right. I am trusted with such a loving and sweet little soul. What a big responsibility it is. 

Pumpkin Eater || Paper Doll Clothing Company

 | Me |  boots / chambray top / scarf old f21 similar here and here  / leggings 
| Copeland | pumpkin tee / denim top h&m similar here / jeans / beanie / shoes but love these

It's hard to believe that my favorite holiday, Halloween, is just around the corner! 
We go all out for Halloween and I can't wait to share with you our costumes! 

As a HUGE Halloween lover, I feel pretty lucky that my little man like this 
time of year just as much as I do! Already one of Copeland's favorite things 
ever is Pumpkins. The pumpkin in the pictures is his pumpkin that he picked out. 
He's majorly obsessed and will give it hugs and kisses almost hourly.
It's seriously the cutest ever! 

Anyway, it was so fitting that he have a pumpkin shirt! 
This One from Paper Doll Clothing Company is so stinkin' cute!

When we ask him where the pumpkin is, he looks down points at his 
shirts and then laughs and sometimes snorts (like his mama). 
He also will go stand in front of the mirror and check himself out and point
at the pumpkin on his shirt in the mirror! Obsessed, I tell ya!

To get your own little a cute pumpkin shirt go check out Paper Doll Clothing Company
You will find the cutest graphic tees and tanks and LOTS of the cutest pumpkin tees around,
 both for boys and girls like this one and this one! They are so perfect for fall and my personal favorite, Halloween!

What are you or your little dressing up as?!

thank you Paper Doll Clothing Company for sponsoring this post!

Vacation || Disneyland Essentials

Disneyland with a toddler is a whole 'nother ball game!
Josh and I learned a lot on this vacation and so I wanted to share some 
tips with you!

Tip #1
My biggest tip is DO NOT go on a holiday weekend/day.
I know, common sense right? We made the mistake of going on Columbus Day. 
We figured since Columbus Day is just a bank holiday and that most schools are
still in session, we'd be fine and that the park wouldn't be too crowded. 

Boy were we wrong! I've been to Disneyland quite a bit and this was by far
the busiest and most crowded I have ever EVER seen it. 
It was insane and pretty un-enjoyable with young children in tow. 

So now we know, never ever EVER go on even the smallest holiday. 

We usually go in October (not on a holiday) and about mid-May and 
have always been able to just walk onto the rides, so if you can, go during those times!

Tip #2
Be sure your little can handle the rides. A lot of them are dark and kinda scary. 

Before becoming a mom the last thing you think of when at Disneyland is how 
loud, dark and scary the rides can be. 

Taking Copeland, it's like all your parent senses are heightened and everything seems
much darker, louder and way scarier! Copeland really didn't like any of the rides.
Even Peter Pan, which really isn't scary at all! He didn't like the loud noises or the 

The only ride he really liked was It's A Small World. He clapped and danced and 
really enjoyed that ride! He also liked Dumbo the Flying Elephant :)

We really wanted to take him on the Winnie the Pooh ride, but after waiting 
in line for 20 minutes, it broke down and they informed everyone it wouldn't be 
running again for another 40. We were pretty bummed about it. 

Tip #3
Bring a Backpack!
When you have a stroller, it's easy to just throw souvenirs, blankets and hoodies 
in the stroller basket, but I don't like leaving things in the stroller when we go on 
rides, so my husband brought his backpack and we put everything in there easily
so that we could quickly park the stroller, grab the backpack and go.

Tip #4
Bring yummy healthy food and lots of it!
You can bring your own food into the park which is awesome! 
The food just has to be in a soft cooler. We packed grapes, yogurt, applesauce, 
string cheese, crustable sandwiches, bananas and lots of water.

It was nice to have some snacks close by so whenever Copeland got
hungry or antsy we could just give him some healthy snacks. 

We did eat a big lunch at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, but just know
Disneyland menu items can add up fast. We spent about $60 on
lunch, treats and a drink within a matter of hours. They make it pretty
irresistible when you walk past the popcorn and churro stands and then
walk by the bakeries! I think I ate my body weight in Disneyland snacks.

Tip #5
Bring a hoodie, jacket, sweater, etc. The nights can get a bit cold there 
so we made sure to have a zip hoodie for Copeland and a blanket as well. 

Tip #6
If you are able, break up your Disney trip instead of trying to pack everything
into one day. With my sisters military I.D. we were able to all get a 3-day park 
hopper pass for only $132 and they don't expire for a whole year! ** the military discounted tickets don't expire for a whole! the regular park hoppers do expire shortly after purchase** 
So even though we only went a half day and then a full day it was worth it. 
Josh and I are planning a graduation vacation for him in the spring so 
we are planning on making a stop at Disneyland since we both have an extra ticket. 

Getawaytoday.com is another great place to get discounted Disney rates!

Tip #7
Show your Disney pride!
You're at Disneyland! Have fun dressing yourself or your littles up :)
Copeland got a lot of compliments on his custom leggings and it made for 
extra special first time Disney trip pictures :)

Tip #8
Have fun & roll with the punches :) 
Traveling with a toddler isn't always easy but it sure is fun!
Don't stress and just go with the flow!

Copeland Custom Mickey / Name Leggings 
I made these myself. I designed the
mickey ears and Copeland's name in Photoshop, uploaded the design to 
a fabric creation website, ordered the fabric and then made the leggings :)

California || 03

Copeland Custom Mickey / Name Leggings 
I made these myself. I designed the
mickey ears and Copeland's name in Photoshop, uploaded the design to 
a fabric creation website, ordered the fabric and then made the leggings :)

We visited Disneyland Sunday night after we had lunch in Huntington 
and just walked around and went on a couple rides. We were pretty pooped
so we didn't stay long. 

Monday morning we got up and headed back to Disney and my dad came along as well!

We spent the whole day there and by the end of the night, Copeland just passed out 
right after watching the parade :) Disneyland wiped him out and us too! 

It was so fun to see Copeland there though, his favorite thing was Mickey Mouse's 
house in Toon Town. He LOVED sitting on and playing with all the things that were
just his size :)

After we met Mickey in Toon Town, my mom and dad watched the kids for us while 
we went on Space Mountain. It was so nice going with my family and made the car 
ride for the kids so much more enjoyable :)

Until next time Disneyland!

California || 02

My dad lives in Orange County, so on Sunday we met up with him for lunch 
on the beach and to splash in the water for a little bit :)

Copeland was over the beach as soon as we got there. 
He HATED the sand! But my niece, Tess, LOVED it! 
So her and I put on our swimsuits and ran around in the water :) 

My sister also was able to get a few pictures of Josh, Copeland and I.
It was such a gorgeous day! Every time we go to California I fall more in love
with the location, weather and people. Not so much the traffic though ;)

I keep telling Josh to start applying for jobs down there!
It would be so amazing to live in the warm weather year round and 
get away from the snow for a while!