Petunia Pickle Bottom || Cake

The official launch of the Cake collection by Petunia Pickle Bottom happened yesterday! 
My Instagram feed was full of beautiful Cake bags and it made me so happy! 

A Cake bag was the first diaper bag I ever purchased from Petunia. 
It was love at first sight and I know you all will fall in love with this new collection 
just like I have! 

This collection screams decadence. The soft velvet cut outs are seriously to die for 
and it is paired so nicely with the black leather handles and gunmetal hardware. 

This particular bag is the Cafe Carryall in Dragonfruit Cake and I love the fact that there 
are several pockets on the outside of this bag. That is a huge + in my book when it comes 
to a purse or diaper bag. I love that I can store my keys, phone and chapstick in an easy 
to reach outside pocket and the side pockets are even big enough to carry Copeland's sippy cup! 

After using the bag for a bit, my favorite feature is the magnetic snap closures. 
It's also Copeland's favorite, he's obsessed with anything magnetic! :) 

Oh I also would like to note the Valet Stroller Clips this bag comes with and the 
removable changing pad! That will definitely come in handy on our road trip next week!

I swear you guys, if you've never owned a Petunia bag, you must! I am hooked and 
love the fact that their diaper bags don't look like diaper bags at all! Well worth the investment. 

What do you guys think? 
I've been having fun pairing this pink bag with different outfits but if you're looking for 
something more neutral, the Cafe Carryall in Black Velvet Trifle Cake is beyond gorgeous!

You can also check out the whole Cake collection here and Follow Petunia Pickle Bottom on IG here

thank you Petunia Pickle Bottom for sponsoring this post! 


Kassandra DeKoning said...

This is such a cute and fun bag, you totally rock it! I am so in love with the vibrant pink and petunia's bags are amazing! I own one of their older style's and its held up through everything!
Definitely the trendiest, prettiest, diaper bag - or everything bag!


Berthold said...

The official launch of the Cake collection by Petunia Pickle Bottom ...