Shabby Apple || Subtle Femininity

I absolutely love dressing femininely and getting "dolled up"
and if that's not a known fact by now, it should be. Don't get me wrong,
I love wearing my basic tee's and comfy pants, but being a woman and 
mother, it's fun to curl your hair, put on a little lipstick and wear something nice. 
I know my husband appreciates it as well!

Heading out to the market for groceries is one of those times when I usually
throw on a baggy v-neck and some skinny jeans or sweats, but Shabby Apple
has changed all that! They make it so effortless to be feminine, even while out at the
grocery store!

This lovely sweater is the perfect example. Not only is it extremely comfy and cozy, 
but the subtle hints of silver sequins popping through the threads make me feel girly
and feminine! Everything from Shabby Apple is so feminine and beautiful! They are 
defineilty one of my favorite stores! 

Check them out here and let me know what you love most! 
I know you guys will fall in love with their vintage style clothing! 

thank you Shabby Apple for sponsoring this post!


Val @ Chicken Scratch. said...

I LOVE that sweater!!!! It's a perfect Mom basic that looks about a billion times better than sweats but just as comfy!!!
Sidenote- your photos are always perfection. Would you ever do a post on camera settings that you use and how you edit?

// said...

Thank you mama! And oh my yes I will totally do that! What a great idea for a post!!!

Anonymous said...

78.00 for that sweater.. No way