Mia Eliza, the mom of two little misters and the owner of JoyBound Apparel is one seriously amazing lady!

Her whole brand is based on joy and optimism!
I'm completely in love with her and her shop and everything it stands for!

As a mom I sometimes find myself stressed, anxious and/or just down on myself.
Feeling like I'm not good at this whole mom thing but I and all mothers, should never feel that way!
We need to remember that we are amazing women.
We do amazing things and we should rejoice in our roles of motherhood!

I always strive to be optimistic, which yes, can sometimes be hard but to
be joyful, happy and have an optimistic attitude, there is no better feeling in the world.
I promise. And I swear being optimistic is contagious. When you have a joyful, happy mind,
it shines all over you for others to see and feel.

I love this quote from JoyBound Apparel:
"Outer beauty comes about by chance. It takes no special talent or sacrifice. One shouldn't feel pride over such appearances. Inner beauty. That's something to be proud of. Something that can be created, something to fight for. When this beauty is real, it radiates out of the eyes. It gives a glow. This is beauty in its best form. Beauty on purpose. Strive for that. Joybound apparel supports this attitude, this way of life. Seek joy in all you do. Share that joy with others. In turn, a beauty from within will form that no one can ignore. Here's to real beauty and living a joy bound life. JoyBound apparel - encouraging beauty from within."

This life we are given is so beautiful. There can be so much beauty in our everyday
lives if we choose to see it that way. I know it may sound like I'm rambling on and on
but JoyBound Apparel has such a great message, I feel truly honored to be able to
wear this amazing shirt and know what it stands for. Not to mention, everything in her shop is
so adorable, how could you not be happy wearing her clothes?!

Thank you JoyBound for being a shop that stands for something!
And also for giving a portion of your proceeds to chairty.
What an amazing and beautiful person you are, Mia Eliza!

You can visit JoyBound Apparel HERE and follow along on Instagram HERE

thank you JoyBound Apparel for sponsoring this post!


Jessica said...

Super cute outfit!! And I'm with you I frequently feel stressed and anxious trying to figure out this motherhood thing! Tell me about your necklace- love it!

Val @ Chicken Scratch. said...

That shirt is perfection. And I seriously LOVE this story of this brand!! I might need to buy this shirt though…. :-)