Halo Crown Hair Extensions | Review Video

It's no secret that I love extensions!

And up until Halo Crown Hair came into my life, I was using clip ins which lately,
I've noticed have been damaging my hair more than I thought!

With Halo Crown Hair, these extensions are virtually damage free and easily hidden! 

I'm obsessed and highly recommend these to anyone 
looking into extensions. The hair on these is so thick and full 
and they are 100% re my human hair! Which means you can curl, 
straighten and eve. Color them! 

Watch the video I are to see how to put them in and how I style them :)

thank you Halo Crown Hair for sponsoring this post!


lizzi3marshall said...

Well, yeah. Hair extensions damage your real hair somehow. So, it’s really all proper care both for the hair extensions and your hair. I’ve read the most common mistakes hair extensions here http://www.restylepro.com/. You might get sensible tips. ;)

Brittney Zundel said...

I am so so interested in getting a halo crown. Now that you have had it for a few months do you still like it as much as you did before? How long do you think they will last?

Just Friends said...

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