First Birthday || Gift Guide

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When I started thinking of what to get Copeland I kinda wanted to buy him everything!
But that's just crazy. 
So here is a gift guide I created of which I will be buying a few things from. 

1 - A Tee Pee
This one is $$$. So I made him one myself!
See below :)

2 - Moccasins.
Maybe if I buy him shoes, he'll start walking.
Haha wishful thinking, but If he is walking by his first birthday I'll definitely buy him some moccs.

He LOVES his walker
so I think he will really enjoy this scoot around riding toy.

I just think this is so cute and I just know he will love stacking these.
Okay... and chewing on them too.

Cope is uh-bsessed with trucks!
So these will be perfect for his little hands :)

I've been wanting to get him one of these since the day he was born!
But they are kinda expensive, so this is a maybe :)
But aren't they SO cute!?

I Love finding a good tutorial via Pinterest and I think I found some pretty great ones for 
Copeland's Big Birthday Present, this tee-pee and comfy corner we created for him :)

For the Tee Pee, I used fabric from Ikea and loosely followed the tutorial above. 
I would recommend building your frame first and then measuring for fabric. 
Unless you follow her tutorial and use a sheet :)  

Okay, so he's already seen it and played in it.
I loved it so much when we set it all up that I didn't want to take it down!
Oops... Happy Early Birthday Little Man!

What did you or are you getting your babes for their 1st birthdays!?


Elizabeth said...

So adorable! My daughter just turned one last weekend and we gave her a teepee, a new pair of moccs, a blabla doll (the fox) and I refinished a mini rocking chair for her. All the things I've been wanting to get her this year but waited until her birthday to justify. ;) We also set up her teepee a little early so she could play in it before her birthday. Your teepee turned out so cute and I can't believe your little man is almost one! It's crazy how fast this year flew by :)

The Blissful Brown's said...

You are one crafty mama! I lack that quality and would never be able to make one that cute myself. Props to you!

Kelly Linn Feller said...

What a great tutorial! I've been wanting to make one of these forever :) Maybe this will finally push me to make one!

XO Kelly