Custom Invitations || Tutorial

I LOVE how Copeland's invitations turned out!
Invitations kind of set the mood for the whole party, I think and I wanted 
these to be fun and festive, just like his party will be!

To start, you will need 
Tissue Paper
Scrapbook Double Sided Tape (I like to use these mounting squares)
And your Invitation!

I custom make these invitations, so if you would like a quote on either a 
downloadable version or printed on high quality craft paper and shipped out to you just email me!
I would love to create something for you!

Alright, to start, cut you tissue paper just a tad wider than your invite

 Then cut the paper into 2 inch wide strips

Cut strips (similar to how you would make a tassel), stopping about 1/2" from the top 

Take two mounting squares and attach at each end of the tissue paper

Secure to invitation, matching up the bottom of the invite with the bottom of the tissue 

Repeat this going up, moving up about 1/4" for the bottom layer to show through 

Continue up the invitation, creating a pattern that you like!
I did doubles :)  

Flip over and cut off excess tissue paper 

The last step is important! This is what holds your top layer secure!
You want to run a straight stitch, using a sewing machine along the top layer of tissue paper. 
I used the widest stitch setting. 

And that's it! 
A fun custom made invite :)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the apostrophe!

Jaimie said...

They are so dang cute!!! You have so much talent!

Danielle S said...

Hi! What program did you use to create these? I'm up for trying to create!

Anonymous said...

where did you get the candle? looks big!

Brittany Papke said...

So cute!! My little has a 2nd coming up soon, keeping you in mind for invites!!

// said...

I know! Gah, it drove me up the freakin wall when I got these back from the printers and forget the stupid apostrophe but I was not going to shell out another $20 for new ones haha

// said...

To the other anonymous person, it is from a party store and it's a good 5 inches tall! I just spray painted it gold. It was white with glitter and stuff originally

// said...

Danielle, I use Photoshop elements 7

PrettyLuckyMama said...

Love them !!!

Alaina said...

Natalie- what size did you print these? I'm working on some of my own because I love these!