Birthday Party DIY Ideas

It's getting closer and closer! Eeek!

We decided to have a pinata at Copeland's first birthday 
because well, what's a party without a piñata?! I think all the kids will love it! 

So I bought this ice cream cone pinata at a local party store for $9!
I know, I thought that was pretty cheap too, considering the ones I was
looking at on Etsy, were like quadruple that amount! Yikes!

Okay... So the Etsy ones are beautiful and this is one is so PINK
but I knew I could fix that right up with some tissue paper and a hot glue gun!
So I brought out my huge stash of tissue that I purchased on Etsy and went to work :)

It took me all of 10 minutes to throw together the other night
and ta-da! You have a custom (store bought) pinata! 

I'm obsessed and now it matches the colors we are using throughout the party!
What do guys think? I'm kind of in love!

Alright, onto the next!
Remember that tassel garland I posted to Instagram?
Well, I made a video tutorial so you could all make yourself one! 

It's so easy, everyone could do it!
You could use it as a wall hanging, party decor or a fun tassel to hang from balloons!


PrettyLuckyMama said...

Love the pinata revamp !!! Looks adorable !! AHHH tissue garlands I have such a love hate relationship with them lol love how they look dislike making them haha but they sure make any space look festive :)

Kelly Linn Feller said...

Cute, cute! Love how you added your own flair to the ice cream piñata!

XO Kelly

TwoSisters SierraFaith said...

The Pinata looks great! Thank you for the tutorial on the garland. Out little guys first Birthday is coming up also and this would be nice to incorporate.