Summer Sky Organics

As a new mom it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes time to choose baby products. 
There are SO many out there! How do you decide which one is best for your baby? 

When I was pregnant I pretty much stalked other moms blogs to see what they loved 
and what they used when it came to their babies. I always loved reading reviews of 
products and I have come to really love products that I found through other blogs. 

Today I hope I can help any new mom struggling with the same things I 
struggled with; a good company that offers safe and organic baby products. 

Summer Sky Organics is just that! Only they are better because they make 
amazing stuff for us mamas too!

I've been using Summer Sky Organics for a bit now and I'm so amazed by the quality. 
So far I've used the Baby Tush Powder, Baby Nourishing Oil and the Mama 
Lavender and Vanilla Body Oil. 

I'm proud to say that Copeland has never had diaper rash and I truly believe its 
because I use Baby Tush Powder on him with almost every changing. It helps 
keep his bum dry and soft. Because who wants to wear a diaper when your 
bum is still damp from a wipe? That would be so uncomfortable! 

When on the hunt for a good tush powder I quickly realized how hard it was to 
find a USDA organic, talc free, fragrance free, essential oil free powder until 
Summer Sky came along. This stuff is amazing and basically irritant free. 
Also, I use it sometimes as a dry shampoo which is great! 

I remember when I first had Copeland and going to his very first doctor appointment. 
The doctor asked if I used lotion on him and I told her I would put some on him 
occasionally and then I was shocked at what she said. She told me not to use baby 
lotion on him. WHAT?! But it smells sooo good! She went on to say how there are many 
irritants in baby lotion and that it's actually doing more harm than good. She told me to use 
unscented lotions like Lubriderm. Oh how I wish I would have known of This Baby Nourishing Oil
It's silky, soft, absorbs easily and is so much better than that thick lotion.
It is part of our nightly routine now. He loves the little massage I give him with this soft and silky oil. Not only is it USDA organic, but also nut, fragrance and essential oil free! 

I also had to try out the Lavender Vanilla Body Oil for me too and of course 
I'm in love with it! I've always hated using lotion. I don't know why, the feeling of it bugs 
me so to have a body oil that is extremely moisturizing is so great! And the Lavender/Vanilla 
combo is perfect after a good nighttime soak! 

If you're looking for great USDA organic products for your whole family you have to 
visit Summer Sky Organics. They have so many products to choose from. 
I can't wait to try more! 

thank you Summer Sky Organics for sponsoring this post!

Halo Crown Hair Extensions | Review Video

It's no secret that I love extensions!

And up until Halo Crown Hair came into my life, I was using clip ins which lately,
I've noticed have been damaging my hair more than I thought!

With Halo Crown Hair, these extensions are virtually damage free and easily hidden! 

I'm obsessed and highly recommend these to anyone 
looking into extensions. The hair on these is so thick and full 
and they are 100% re my human hair! Which means you can curl, 
straighten and eve. Color them! 

Watch the video I are to see how to put them in and how I style them :)

thank you Halo Crown Hair for sponsoring this post!

Party Animals

Whew! Picture overload, I know, I'm sorry!
We had so much fun though at Copeland's party!

The weather was almost perfect, just a tad chilly as the evening went on.

Josh made a corn hole toss game that morning and he set up a horseshoe toss game!
We played Pin the Tail on the Pinata and had a Pinata for the kids.
They also loved jumping on the trampoline and just running around playing with
the blow up and kick balls :)

We had cold sandwiches, chips and salsa, chips and dip, macaroni salad,
cupcakes and cake batter popcorn!

Because I love Disneyland SO much, I downloaded the theme park music and had that as the party music playlist! It went perfectly with the theme and was so happy and cheerful! 

Everyone sang Copeland Happy Birthday and Josh and I helped him blow
out his candle so he could dig in :)

We asked that our friends not bring gifts, but instead just come and enjoy
themselves and help us celebrate, however they all did and it was unexpected
and so amazing to see how very loved Copeland is by both friends and family.
We felt so lucky to have all of them there with us to help celebrate this little guys first year!

Faux Cake Pops - Glam Fete c/o
Cake Batter Popcorn - Homemade Recipe found HERE (I used funfetti cake mix)
Popcorn Cups - Walmart in stores | Similar 
Washi Tape on Popcorn Cups - Etsy
Giant Balloon Tassel Garland - DIY video found HERE

Favor Bags 
Striped Favor Bags - Zurchers party store | Similar
Washi Tape on Favor Bags - Etsy
Crazy Straws- Target $1 Bin | Similar HERE |
Scented Ice Cream Bubbles - Hobby Lobby (used Coupon)
Vending Machine Capsules - Etsy 
Sticky Hand Inside Capsule - Hobby Lobby | Similar HERE
Candy Kabob - DIY tutorial found HERE

Dessert Table
Gold Glitter Name Banner - Glam Fete c/o
Round Lanterns & Honeycomb Balls - Target 
3 Tissue Poms - Pom Tree 
Tassels - DIY video found HERE
Dessert Table Backdrop - DIY tutorial found HERE | Tablecloths found HERE
Cake Stand - DIY using a Target plate and old candlestick I spray painted 
Large Gold "1"- Spray painted gold | Same one on Amazon
Party Animals - eBay | similar HERE and some spray painted gold 
Jumbo Party Animals - Amazon 
High Chair - Garage Sale find and painted by me
Gold "1" Balloon - Zurchers party store | Similar

Pinata - Semi-Handmade Tutorial found HERE 
Pin The Tail on the PiƱata - Watercolor board painted by me | Downloadable one found HERE
Copelands Custom Leggings - Boco Baby 

|| 1 ||

First off, I have to thank Glam Fete for the amazing party decor that 
I cant wait to use in Copeland's nursery after the party! 
They have the most amazing party decorations!
You must check out their shop!
Beautiful Gold Glitter Name Banner Can Be Found HERE 
Adorable Faux Cake Pops Can Be Found HERE


Part of me wants to cry and part wants to rejoice.

I have a one year old.
I grew a baby inside my belly for 41 weeks.
I gave birth to him and then fed him, changed him, loved, kissed, and nurtured him for the past 12 months.
I cried being so tired and cried from being so happy. 
I've laughed, smiled, and even snorted because of this little boy. 

Looking back on the first nights and weeks home from the hospital it's hard to
remember the state of delusion I was in from the waking every 2 hours to nurse.
I remember being so tired and stumbling into walls or stubbing my toes on door jams
as I carried myself and Copeland into the other room. (We didn't want to wake daddy
when he had a full day of school ahead of him) 

My how things have changed. Copeland now wakes, cooing around 7 am instead
of every 2 hours and although I still find myself stumbling at that hour, it's unbelievable
what a solid 7 hours of sleep can do for a mama. 

I can't even begin to describe how becoming a mother has changed me. 
But if I tried I would say becoming a mom and being a new mom is everything and
yet nothing of what I expected. It's so different and yet so familiar. I know that doesn't
make sense, but there's no other way to describe it. I feel like I was meant for this for
forever and yet it's all so new and I'm learning more about myself now than I ever have before. 

Looking back on the past year I regret so many things that I did or didn't do as a mom. 
Looking forward I see the mom I want to be. I see the child I want to raise. 

Just recently Copeland has become so disinterested in nursing. The thought of this breaks me.
I find myself yearning to nurse him and yet he's grown out of it. He's weened himself.
Part of me feels like I'm loosing him. Like I was only given a short 12 months of bonding time
and it's all come to an abrupt stop. It's incredibly hard. In fact I hate it. I hate not having that time
at night or the morning nursing sessions in bed. It's such a weird feeling I have. It's as though he's
being taken away from me, like I can loose him any second. I don't know if this is normal. But it's
how I feel and I hate it. 

Copeland is growing so fast. He learns something new almost everyday. It's incredible.
He's becoming more and more independent which I love and hate. It's amazing watching him
explore and try things on his own but it's hard knowing that there will be a day when he won't
want to give me kisses or hugs anymore. When he won't cuddle on the couch with me because
he'll be so busy playing trucks or exploring. 

This past year went too quickly. I feel like I failed to capture every moment with him.
To remember every smile, every giggle, every new thing he did. I can't remember it all and
I want to so badly. 

I love my son so much. I want to give him everything. I want to be the mom he can count
on, the mom who encourages him and the mom who will always be there. I want him to
always be able to count on me, to talk to me, to learn from me. I want to be his playtime
friend, book reader, lunch maker, sing a long song mom.  

I want so much for him but I always want to encourage him to be himself. I want him to
know he will always be cared for, always looked after and always loved.

I love you baby boy. So, so much!