Style Cravings || Bohemian Summer

Oh my, my, my...
I'm obsessing over this maxi skirt from Asos
Some serious convincing needs to happen with Josh.
I need it in my closet! Is it not the most beautiful color!? 

And these heart sunnies for only $8.00?!
Come on... Can I just have it all, please? ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting lots of 
wear out of your summer wardrobes! It has been so nice to enjoy 
this summer with Copeland outside of my belly ;)

Also, just a heads up, I'm in the process of editing the "Get to Know Me" video. 

I got a lot more questions than I thought so I'm making it into a 3 part series 
so you don't have to sit and listen to me talk for 40 minutes straight ... yikes!
I don't even want to listen to myself for that long!

I haven't been feeling that well this past week, so forgive me. I'm working on it :)

Also, I'm in desperate need of a new film editing program... anyone? anyone?
I'm open for suggestions :)


Corianne Burton said...

I would totally listen to you talk for 40 minutes straight, girlfriend!

Well. Maybe only if Cope made an appearance... ;)

Stephanie Hamme said...

Love that maxi! Bummer it's sold out in my size!!