Happy National Lipstick Day

Bare with me... these pictures are taken from my iPad. 

So... I was going to make a video on my most recent lipstick purchases
but I'm kinda slow at making and editing videos and since today is
National Lipstick Day I just thought I'd do a quick post instead :)

I have only worn lipstick like twice in my life before.
I'm more of a chapstick girl, myself.

But lately I've felt the need to give lipstick one more try and I'm so happy I did!
Lipstick kind of makes you feel like a new kind of women.
No seriously, it can kind of change your whole look!

Now, if you're like me and lipstick terrifies the heck out of you
don't fret! I found some great and inexpensive lipsticks so you can
give them a try without spending lots of cash :)

The first one is amazing! I'm kinda in love and it's perfect for making me feel
like I'm the 18 year old babysitter instead of the 26 year old mom ;)

It's very bright and vibrant and it's only a couple dollars Found Here

The second one makes me feel the complete opposite.
It makes me feel older, mature, elegant, much more business woman like :)

It's dark, seductive and intense and can be Found Here.

So what do you think?
Will you try lipstick?
Do you already use lipstick? And if so what kind do you use!?
I would love to know :)


Whitney Talbot said...

Where did you find the shirt in your first picture?! The Blue one, it's amazing!

Becky M said...

Thanks for sharing - I'm more of a Chapstick girl myself, but always think lipstick looks so pretty!


Jexchurch said...

I really like lip stain better than lipstick, It stays on way longer so you don't have to reapply!


Catching Up With The Beldens said...

Wet n wild fergie is a knock off of my fav Mac viva la glam II, and I love Mac plumful and creme cup ��

Anonymous said...

Could you please share where you got those beautiful shirts?!

Katie Did What said...

I'm still kind of scared of lipstick!! I keep trying to wear it and then I'll wipe it off because I think it looks awful? I don't know. I need to get BRAVE and just wear the dang stuff!! You look soooo cute!


Kristin said...

Yes PLEASE tell us where you got that blue top. LOVE IT!