Date Night

Aww, date night. Two words my husband and I rarely use nowadays.

Usually if we get any free time away from Copeland we spend it at the gym together.
So we desperately needed a night to go to dinner and a movie, just us.

We totally love trucking Cope along all the time, but I love spending time with just Josh as well.
Going on a date with my husband for the first time since having Copeland was strange.
Josh and I actually wrapped our arms around each other, tickled, kissed and held each other.

It was like we were two kids dating all over again.
With no baby to help, hold, play with, we could just focus on each other and it was the best!

Yes, I'm only 26, but I felt like I was 19 all over again, dating this stud of guy.

When it came time to actually get ready, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear.
Something that I felt sexy in, something I knew Josh would love and something
that required me to actually wear a bra with ;) I've gotten kind of lazy while nursing.

This Lace Dress from Bohme was my go-to dress for Date Night.
The cut, the fit, just everything about it was the perfect dress to get
dolled up in and go spend time with my husband.

I felt so beautiful in it and am looking forward to finding another
dress from Bohme for our next date night!

Make sure to follow Bohme on Instagram, they seriously have the best flash sales and promo codes!


Meagan said...

Love the dress! Glad you got to have a date night :)

Living Out of Wedlock said...

You look beautiful! Date nights do make you feel carefree!

Katie said...

Great photos! I love that dress! I so wish I had legs like yours ;)


Anonymous said...

I wish my hubby would take pictures with me! Your stunning as usual!

Anonymous said...

Who takes the pictures of you two together??

Christina Storm said...

Love this look! So pretty! Just discovered your blog and I'm so glad that I did! Now following! :)

The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Anonymous said...

Aww y'all are adorable!! I agree, date night feels like high school flutters all over again!! :) Glad y'all were able to get away!