Camping Trip || July 2014

flamingos are my friends tee - Love Drop

 Copeland's first ever camping trip was a complete success!

He loved every second of the great outdoors and so did Josh and I.
It was a much needed time away from cell phones, work and just the daily grind.

There is no greater joy than spending time outdoors with family,
connecting and enjoying the company of them.

We camped out with Josh's family, my in laws, and I honestly couldn't be
any luckier. I have the greatest in-laws a girl could ever ask for.

My mother in law is truly such an inspiration to me and my sister in law
and her husband always are so much fun to be around!

Copeland LOVED being outside, practically 24/7, with his cousins and he
was even more in love with the 4-wheeler rides that we took him on!

Although he absolutely HATED the frogs we caught, he loved watching the deer
come onto the camp site for a drink every now and again :)

I loved not packing any make-up and just throwing a couple shirts and a pair of jeans in my bag .
If only I could get away with that everyday ;)

We can't wait to take another little getaway and are dreaming of the day
when we can buy our own little trailer for family camp-outs!


So I was going to turn this into a "Tips for Camping with a Baby" post,
but honestly.... I have no great tips. Just have fun and go with the flow :)

BUT just a reminder for moms with babes that use a binky, make sure not to
forget it. After "nursing" Copeland for 8 hours during the night....Yikes!
I now keep 2 extra binkies in my diaper bag!


Meagan said...

Copeland is just so cute. What a beautiful family. :) Looks like a really fun time!

Jaimie said...

You're so sweet :) it was so much fun to have all three of you up there!! We all really enjoyed it. Hopefully you guys can come again before the camping season ends!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my these are so cute!
Can you tell me what kind of camera you are using?