Happy National Lipstick Day

Bare with me... these pictures are taken from my iPad. 

So... I was going to make a video on my most recent lipstick purchases
but I'm kinda slow at making and editing videos and since today is
National Lipstick Day I just thought I'd do a quick post instead :)

I have only worn lipstick like twice in my life before.
I'm more of a chapstick girl, myself.

But lately I've felt the need to give lipstick one more try and I'm so happy I did!
Lipstick kind of makes you feel like a new kind of women.
No seriously, it can kind of change your whole look!

Now, if you're like me and lipstick terrifies the heck out of you
don't fret! I found some great and inexpensive lipsticks so you can
give them a try without spending lots of cash :)

The first one is amazing! I'm kinda in love and it's perfect for making me feel
like I'm the 18 year old babysitter instead of the 26 year old mom ;)

It's very bright and vibrant and it's only a couple dollars Found Here

The second one makes me feel the complete opposite.
It makes me feel older, mature, elegant, much more business woman like :)

It's dark, seductive and intense and can be Found Here.

So what do you think?
Will you try lipstick?
Do you already use lipstick? And if so what kind do you use!?
I would love to know :)

Mountain Top Bohemian

Peasant Blouse / Bohme On Sale!
Shorts / old Forever 21 / Similar
Hat / old Forever 21 / Very Similar & On Sale!
Gold Initial Necklace / Very Similar & On Sale!

Josh and I headed up the canyon yesterday with Copeland in tow. 
We decided last minute that we wanted to have a mountain top picnic 
next to the lake and it was amazing!

Luckily I brought my camera so I could capture not only the 2 special 
boys in my life, but also this adorable outfit featuring this Bohme Boutique tunic. 
I LOVE the delicate and neutral embroidered detail on the chest and sleeves! 
It adds a little bit of dainty-ness to it all :)

It was pretty warm and sunny, although we were hidden up in between the mountains, 
so I threw on this felt floppy hat to keep the sun off my face and I actually 
really loved the look of it with this peasant tunic

What do you think? 

Get To Know Me || Part Two

Click Here to watch Part One

Products Mentioned In Video

Aveeno Moisturizer 

Philosophy MicroDelivery Exfoliator

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer

Nursing Bra (I used in the beginning)

New "Nursing" Bra I Use Now

Hair Tutorial Click Here

Also, I am going to be having a Closet Sale this Saturday night!
You can follow Copelands Closet on Instagram to see all the details of it :)

Nothing will be listed over $15.00!

Just a few things that will be listed > > >

Real Life | A New Day

You know those days where your little won't stop crying, no matter what you do to try and soothe them?
You pick up the messes around the house, just to walk into a another room with yet a another mess. 
You're tired, you feel overwhelmed and you just want a nap (but that is that is the last thing your little
 one wants) okay and maybe be able to eat something, that would be nice too.

Yesterday was one of the days. It was hard, for lack of a better word. 

It was actually, quite honestly, extremely overwhelming. (Better word) 

Usually when Copeland cries it's because he wants something. To be held, to be nursed, to take a nap, etc.
After exhausting everything I could think of to get him to calm down I felt discouraged. I felt bad, 
I felt like I was the worst mother on the face of the planet and I failed at doing the one thing I am 
meant to do. Soothe my baby. 

Motherhood is such a challenge. Usually, but not always, a daily challenge. It becomes wearing and is extremely trying. 

As 10, 11 and then finally midnight rolled around I decided to try putting him down again, hoping 
for some relief. But as I sat, nursing him in the rocking chair all I wanted was that moment to last forever. 
I myself could barely keep my eyes awake, yet I didn't want to let him go. The feeling of his warm, soft 
hair against my arm, his small and chubby hand resting against my chest and his big eyes staring up at me, 
between the heaviness his eyelids were holding. It was in this moment I realized motherhood is 
such a big and powerful gift that us mothers are given. It is a blessing, although some days it's hard to see it as such. 

This little body that I created. This baby whom I teach, nourish and help grow. He is a miracle. 
He is mine and I his. 

I felt worthless yesterday, but I we need to remember that we are from that. We are mothers. 
We are creators, teachers, picker uppers, cooks, maids, play time champs. We do it all, everyday.
Sometimes days don't go as planned or as hoped. Motherhood is hard. As my patience was wearing 
thin from a rather long and emotional filled day, I cried along side Copeland, asking or rather sobbing 
aloud "what else can I do?".

Fortuneately, the bad days don't last forever. Eventually bedtime rolls around and a new day will begin.
Sometimes much better than the last, maybe sometimes, dare I say it, worse. 
But it is a new day regardless. And a new day will come after that too.  That's the funny thing about time. It's always moving past us, never stopping or slowing down. 

Us moms are all in this together. I don't want myself to ever come off as having it all together. I don't. 
I don't want to give the impression as having the perfect life. I don't. I want to be real. Everyday is not 
a walk in the park. Sometimes I feel as if I'm walking through thorns and on broken glass. 
Some days (most days) I barely find the time to shower or brush my hair, or change out of my 
baggy shirt that is so comfy and easy to nurse in. I know... My poor husband. Some days it's hard 
to find the time to sit and make myself lunch, or respond to that email I meant to respond to last week, 
or finish folding the laundry from two days ago, I could go on and on you guys. But it's a new day 
and here's to hopefully having a better day than yesterday. 

yes that is mascara on his face, mouth, hands, teeth, and on my carpet. 

But it's all worth it. 

**Also! Editing the get to know me part 2 video right now as Copeland naps! Yay!**

Mom + Babe || Nordstrom Anniversary Picks

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /

I finally had a chance to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

These things caught my eye as soon as I started browsing. 

By far the best face wash I've ever used and this is such a killer deal! 

2. Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.
I've talked about this before and will talk about it a million times again. THE BEST. Ever. Period. This stuff makes your face feel like a baby's bum. No Joke. I have yet to find anything comparable to this exfoliating face wash.

3. Barefoot Dreams Chevron Blanket.
Does this not look just heavenly? The last thing I want to think about is winter, but I might just have to and buy this blanket for Copeland.

4. Kate Spade Initial Pendant.
I always get so many compliments on my neckalae like this and this is a killer deal you guys! I spent double the price of this! It's a must buy for every mom.

5. Zip Detail Slouchy Satchel.
I don't use a purse because I'm obsessed with my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag, but I love a good nude color purse and this one is a steal!

I've always wanted to buy a Boon drying rack but hated how bulky they are. This one is only 3 1/2 inches wide though! 

OH! And not pictures but definitely added to my cart arethese Hudson Baby Jeans for only $25 and this adorable Puppy Sweater!

Camping Trip || July 2014

flamingos are my friends tee - Love Drop

 Copeland's first ever camping trip was a complete success!

He loved every second of the great outdoors and so did Josh and I.
It was a much needed time away from cell phones, work and just the daily grind.

There is no greater joy than spending time outdoors with family,
connecting and enjoying the company of them.

We camped out with Josh's family, my in laws, and I honestly couldn't be
any luckier. I have the greatest in-laws a girl could ever ask for.

My mother in law is truly such an inspiration to me and my sister in law
and her husband always are so much fun to be around!

Copeland LOVED being outside, practically 24/7, with his cousins and he
was even more in love with the 4-wheeler rides that we took him on!

Although he absolutely HATED the frogs we caught, he loved watching the deer
come onto the camp site for a drink every now and again :)

I loved not packing any make-up and just throwing a couple shirts and a pair of jeans in my bag .
If only I could get away with that everyday ;)

We can't wait to take another little getaway and are dreaming of the day
when we can buy our own little trailer for family camp-outs!


So I was going to turn this into a "Tips for Camping with a Baby" post,
but honestly.... I have no great tips. Just have fun and go with the flow :)

BUT just a reminder for moms with babes that use a binky, make sure not to
forget it. After "nursing" Copeland for 8 hours during the night....Yikes!
I now keep 2 extra binkies in my diaper bag!

Style Cravings || Bohemian Summer

Oh my, my, my...
I'm obsessing over this maxi skirt from Asos
Some serious convincing needs to happen with Josh.
I need it in my closet! Is it not the most beautiful color!? 

And these heart sunnies for only $8.00?!
Come on... Can I just have it all, please? ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting lots of 
wear out of your summer wardrobes! It has been so nice to enjoy 
this summer with Copeland outside of my belly ;)

Also, just a heads up, I'm in the process of editing the "Get to Know Me" video. 

I got a lot more questions than I thought so I'm making it into a 3 part series 
so you don't have to sit and listen to me talk for 40 minutes straight ... yikes!
I don't even want to listen to myself for that long!

I haven't been feeling that well this past week, so forgive me. I'm working on it :)

Also, I'm in desperate need of a new film editing program... anyone? anyone?
I'm open for suggestions :)

Date Night

Aww, date night. Two words my husband and I rarely use nowadays.

Usually if we get any free time away from Copeland we spend it at the gym together.
So we desperately needed a night to go to dinner and a movie, just us.

We totally love trucking Cope along all the time, but I love spending time with just Josh as well.
Going on a date with my husband for the first time since having Copeland was strange.
Josh and I actually wrapped our arms around each other, tickled, kissed and held each other.

It was like we were two kids dating all over again.
With no baby to help, hold, play with, we could just focus on each other and it was the best!

Yes, I'm only 26, but I felt like I was 19 all over again, dating this stud of guy.

When it came time to actually get ready, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear.
Something that I felt sexy in, something I knew Josh would love and something
that required me to actually wear a bra with ;) I've gotten kind of lazy while nursing.

This Lace Dress from Bohme was my go-to dress for Date Night.
The cut, the fit, just everything about it was the perfect dress to get
dolled up in and go spend time with my husband.

I felt so beautiful in it and am looking forward to finding another
dress from Bohme for our next date night!

Make sure to follow Bohme on Instagram, they seriously have the best flash sales and promo codes!