Petunia Pickle Bottom || Layette

"Let Them Be Little"

There is something about a baby, dressing like a baby, that makes me completely melt.
Sure I love dressing my little dude up in some skinny jeans and a graphic tee but
nothing beats having him wear a super soft layette item.

He has the rest of his life to wear big boy clothes, but really, only a year to dress like this.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Layette Collection feeds my need for comfortable and
cute baby clothes. The ultra soft organic cotton is so cozy against Copelands skin
and makes him extra irresistible to cuddle up with. Plus the kimono style just
adds to the sweetness of it all.

I wish I could keep him this small forever ;)

The first item I ever purchased from Petunia Pickle Bottom was this Swaddle Blanket.
I remember seeing it in a small boutique while I was pregnant and couldn't put it down.
It was stylish, lightweight, soft and so perfect for a little boy. It was unlike any other blanket I had
or had seen. It's a blanket that we still use 10 months later! And a blanket I still get
compliments on and have strangers asking where to buy it!

It is Copeland's blankie and one that I will keep in the cedar chest one day along with this layette.

That is exactly what Petunia Pickle Bottom is to me; items that I will keep and cherish.
Items to remember how little he was, to show him one day and to pass onto his children, my grandchildren.

Seeing how much he has grown and how fast the past 10 months have gone 
is bittersweet. Copeland will be a whole year old in just two short months. 
He will no longer be an infant, but an exploring toddler. 

I will hold onto these amazing moments and memories we've shared so far, for the
rest of my life. I never want to forget any of this, ever. I love every bit of my son. 
I love that I have a son. I love that I'm his mom and I get to teach him and help him grow.

Writing all of this down and staring at these photos has made me realize 
just how fast it all has gone, how fast it continues to go and how badly 
I wish time would stand still. Okay, I'll stop before my emotions get the best of me :) 
I just hope he knows how deep my love goes for him. My sweet little baby boy.

You can shop the Petunia Pickle Bottom Layette Collection HERE 
(Psst... They also have gift sets which would make for one amazing shower gift!)

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