Petunia Pickle Bottom || Layette

"Let Them Be Little"

There is something about a baby, dressing like a baby, that makes me completely melt.
Sure I love dressing my little dude up in some skinny jeans and a graphic tee but
nothing beats having him wear a super soft layette item.

He has the rest of his life to wear big boy clothes, but really, only a year to dress like this.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Layette Collection feeds my need for comfortable and
cute baby clothes. The ultra soft organic cotton is so cozy against Copelands skin
and makes him extra irresistible to cuddle up with. Plus the kimono style just
adds to the sweetness of it all.

I wish I could keep him this small forever ;)

The first item I ever purchased from Petunia Pickle Bottom was this Swaddle Blanket.
I remember seeing it in a small boutique while I was pregnant and couldn't put it down.
It was stylish, lightweight, soft and so perfect for a little boy. It was unlike any other blanket I had
or had seen. It's a blanket that we still use 10 months later! And a blanket I still get
compliments on and have strangers asking where to buy it!

It is Copeland's blankie and one that I will keep in the cedar chest one day along with this layette.

That is exactly what Petunia Pickle Bottom is to me; items that I will keep and cherish.
Items to remember how little he was, to show him one day and to pass onto his children, my grandchildren.

Seeing how much he has grown and how fast the past 10 months have gone 
is bittersweet. Copeland will be a whole year old in just two short months. 
He will no longer be an infant, but an exploring toddler. 

I will hold onto these amazing moments and memories we've shared so far, for the
rest of my life. I never want to forget any of this, ever. I love every bit of my son. 
I love that I have a son. I love that I'm his mom and I get to teach him and help him grow.

Writing all of this down and staring at these photos has made me realize 
just how fast it all has gone, how fast it continues to go and how badly 
I wish time would stand still. Okay, I'll stop before my emotions get the best of me :) 
I just hope he knows how deep my love goes for him. My sweet little baby boy.

You can shop the Petunia Pickle Bottom Layette Collection HERE 
(Psst... They also have gift sets which would make for one amazing shower gift!)

You can follow Petunia Pickle Bottom on Instagram HERE
and "like" their Facebook page HERE!

Fitness Favorites || Motivation

In honor of launching my Fitnesss Instagram page and new Fitness tab I decided to share my favorite workout items that get me excited about working out. I hope these fun things will motivate & inspire you as well!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It's hard to really be motivated to work out right? Or maybe that's just me ;) But having some new workout clothes always helps get me excited to hit the gym! Whether it's an entirely new outfit or just a new sports bra or cute water bottle. It gets you excited to wear or use something new and helps with the whole motivation thing ;)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Something else that motivates me to workout is grocery shopping. Googling healthy recipes and then shopping for and preparing from scratch or semi-scratch meals is a huge motivator for me. Seeing the healthy new foods in the fridge makes me excited about getting into shape and feeding my body yummy good nutrient rich foods instead of greasy, fried and fattening foods. For me, I really want Copeland to grow up watching his mama cook and prepare healthy meals through out the day. I want to teach him which foods to eat and how they help nourish and fuel our bodies for the long haul. Yes, we totally ordered the most delicious pizza ever the other night and it was amazing. But I don't want that to be the norm. It's okay once in a while, but not every night. You know?

Music is also a HUGE motivator. This morning while Copeland and I went running, 
I turned up a new playlist I created and I was singing while we were running and 
Copeland LOVED it! He was babbling right along with me.   

Today officially marks my first day on my 40 day program that my trainer 
has created for me. I'm nervous, excited, scared and a bit overwhelmed. 
Having a little guy who is my number one priority makes this even harder. 
Meal prepping is going to be my best friend for the next 40 days. 
But I really feel that working out and sticking with this program, by the end of it all, 
I'm hoping to have more energy and a more positive outlook on myself. 

Well I'm off to cook up some chicken and sweet potatoes!  

What gets you motivated to work out?
Or what keeps you motivated to continue working out?

The Perfect Fake Tan at Home || Video Tutorial

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

1. Shave! I personally shave pretty much my whole body. 
Legs, arms, tummy, pretty much the whole shabang :)

2. Exfoliate. 
I use this exfoiliator and a loofah and I go to town getting rid of the dead skin and smooth everything out. 

This is probably the greatest thing ever invented in the history of faux tans! 
I use the St. Tropez one but I think Ulta has their own brand that I'm sure is the exact same. 

4. St. Moriz Tanning Mousse. Ah-mazing!
If you are worried about streaking, I'd recommend getting the St. Tropez mousse, found here
It is less likely to streak as it does not dry as quickly :)

I was a little skeptical at first, I mean I feel you get what you pay for.
And I thought how good could a $13 bottle of tanner be?
But I was blown away with this product! 
I just purchased my second bottle of this self tanner.
It is such a great product you guys!  

I also made this quick video on how to apply this self tanner.

Stripes + Denim || Mommy & Me Style

jeans / top - similar / belt 
fedora / bodysuit - similar / shorts - similar

I am such a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.
Especially since becoming a mom, a good pair of jeans is a must have! 
Jeans are one of the items I splurge on, because for me, a flattering 
and well made pair of jeans will last quite a while, so they are worth the money :)

I've heard such amazing things about Hudson Jeans  
and so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a pair a while ago. 
I just recently purchased another pair because I'm so in love with these jeans!

They are the most flattering, not to mention most comfortable, pair of jeans in my closet!
The chic and classic back pocket details are my favorite!

Since buying my first pair over 4 years ago and still wearing them at least once a week, 
I knew the quality of these was well worth the price. 

ALSO, did you know Hudson makes baby jeans!? 
I'm dying and must get some asap!
I'm so loving these straight leg baby boy pair!

What brands of jeans do you love?!
I'm always on the lookout for a great pair!  

DIY Upholstered Headboard || Tutorial

This man can do it all, I swear! 

I've been really wanting an upholstered headboard for our bedroom, 
but living on a students income, money is not easy to come by for 
things like this so I asked my husband to make me one and he did! 
Once all his finals were out of the way of course :) 

I LOVE how it turned out! It's exactly what we needed in our bedroom to make it more "complete".
We did it all for around $45 too so there's that huge bonus :)


1 - 4x8 Wood Board. We got the cheapest kind, which is only about 1/2" thick and was $10!
1- Canvas Drop Cloth. The 6x8 one for about $10 as well. 
1- Roll of Batting. I got mine at walmart for $5
1- Foam Mattress Pad (Queen Size). I also purchased this at Walmart! 
Staple Gun

**These pictures are terrible quality! Hopefully you'll be able to get the gist of what is going on**

So you'll need to figure out what shape you would like for your headboard. 
I wanted it to be curved on top but we didn't own a jigsaw at the time so we just dog-eared the corners. 
Josh making the marks for the corner cuts.
I washed the drop cloth and ironed it before we stapled it. 
I also laid everything down first for a few nights to let the wrinkles out of the mattress pad.

So you will first lay down your drop cloth, then the batting then the foam pad last.
Wrap everything around and staple!
For the legs, we used 2x4's and just measured how high up we wanted the
 headboard to sit off the floor, then screwed the legs on. 

I am in love with it and we are on to making a couple nightstands!!