|| Play Time ||

Now that Josh is out of school for summer we can really start 
putting the office / play room together! It currently has been on 
hold and all we have done so far is paint. 

We sold our computer desk to make room for a bigger (and more kid friendly) one
and our desktop is just sitting on the floor! So it is a project that 
definitely needs to be finished asap! 

It will also be so nice to have a bigger room to play with Copeland
and a room where we can keep all his toys together. 

Right now we usually play in the family room which can get kinda cramped 
because Copeland likes to pull out EVERYTHING :)

I'm so excited to start getting into the details of this room by adding lots of color!
I want it to be a room that sparks imagination and play.

Can't wait to share the finished project with you guys, hopefully soon!

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Anonymous said...

Love all of this mama! Tepees are the best for boys you have to get one:)