Moroccan Wedding Blanket || Tutorial

Are you totally in love with Moroccan Wedding Blankets and pillows? 
I think they are so dreamy and whimsical!
As soon as I started seeing them on Pinterest I knew I had to have one
but after seeing how much they cost $900+ for the blankets and $90+ for the pillows
I was so bummed. 

I do not have that kind of money to spend on something like that!
Even if I did have the money, I don't think I'd buy one. 
I mean $900 for a blanket that is used for decoration?!

So I decided to make one and I did it all for under $20 and a little time!

What You'll Need
- 1/2 yard linen fabric
- Pom pom trim. I bought mine from Etsy for $1!
- Lots of silver flat sequins. I also purchased these from Etsy.
- Embroidery Thread 

Not Pictured
- Poly-fill / Stuffing - I used Silky Soft Ultra Plush Fiber. It's SOOO Soft!
-Brush trim (the super fluffy beige trim in the above picture)
I bought mine at Joann's and used a coupon and got about a yard for $5!

So you will first need to measure how big you want your pillow. 
I wanted mine pretty long (27" x 12") 
Then cut, leaving about 1/2" on each side for seam allowance.

Okay, so this is where I messed up. 
I sewed all the sides together, except for one spot to use to turn the pillow right side out. 

What you should do before this step is sew on your trim and your sequins.
It's so much easier than trying to sew your trim on through a small hole. 
Does the make sense?

Alright so now that one of my trims is sewed on, this is where you would sew on the other trim.
Make sure to measure on each side, so your trim is even on both sides. 

Now onto sewing the sequins!
I just did this at random lengths and at random widths. 

This part took the longest!
It took me about 3 days, because I only did it during Copelands nap time. 

All sequined up!

This is the greatest stuff! it is so soft and plush!

Once you're finished, fill it up to the stiffness that you like
and then use THIS stitch to close up the seam.

I also added sequins into the brush trim. 
I used a peach colored embroidery thread instead of the beige.
I REALLY wanted to do a hot pink color but since this pillow is for the master bedroom
I couldn't do that to Josh :D 

I also added clusters of sequins in the middle of the pillow for extra sparkle :)

I LOVE how it turned out!
It is exactly what I wanted and looks so cute on our bed! 

I wish I had the time to make like 10 more for every room in the house :)

And here is a cute picture of this little man, so excited for bath time!

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Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! When using the brush trim is that one piece to two pieces side by side? I can never find trim that thick!