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PPB City Carryall c/o 

Are you crushing hard on this bag, like I am?
Petunia Pickle Bottom does it again! I swear they think of it all!
I have gotten so many compliments on this gorgeous diaper bag lately 
and I've been dying to share all the details of it! 

This is the Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall in Union Square Stop

Although I adore my PPB Black Forest Cake Hampton Holdall because of the 
classic and chic beauty of it, I adore this carryall just as much! 
It is the perfect diaper bag for anytime, but I especially love it for summer! 

The color is such a happy and bright green-yellow and it just screams sunshine :) 

This bag has been the perfect fit for us now that Copeland is getting older 
and I do not need to carry as many items as I was when he was just a little guy. 

The bag itself is so light, yet you can fit so many things inside, if needed!
With its several pockets on the outside of the bag, everything is so convenient to get to as well! 
It even has a pocket on the inside for binkies! Yep, like I said, they really do think of it all :) 

I also LOVE the fact it comes with a detachable changing station 
and a very chic Petunia Pickle Bottom monogrammed wipes case!
How great is that for days at the park or pool?! 
Your baby will thank you when your changing him on a padded 
changing pad and not just on a thin blanket :) 

It definitely is an eye catcher when your out and about with it's beautiful stitching, 
so be prepared to get lots of compliments on it! 

So for all you new mamas to be that need a good and classic diaper bag 
or if you're like me and just need an update as your little one grows then 
this is the perfect bag for you! 

So if you are dying to get your hands on it
(or really any of their beautiful products, like this Wanderlust Wallet that is pictured above,
seriously you guys I've never owned a wallet that can hold so much and still look flawless!) 
then make sure to use Coupon Code: PPBNJ20 You will receive 20% off all orders at Petunia.com 
but hurry! It expires on May 31st, 2014!!! 

And make sure to stay up to date with Petunia Pickle Bottom on Instagram and Facebook!


Anonymous said...

Love your shoes! Where did you find them?

// said...

Thank you! They are from Kohls actually! the Simply Vera collection

Unknown said...

The coupon code isn't working for me! :/

Sarah Nantel said...

The coupon doesn't work for me either. :(

// said...

I am so sorry! I will email ppb and ask them about it and let you know ASAP!

// said...

Okay! It should be working now ladies!

Anonymous said...

So cute and I Love those lace shorts!!

Amber Hillmann said...

So sweet! Where are those adorable lace shorts from??