Product Review: Sweet Ruby Binky Blanket

Oh my, I have got the greatest product review for you today! 
Sweet Ruby has the most amazing pacifier blankets and clips!

They are perfect for baby shower gifts, new mamas or your own little one!

When Copeland got his in the mail, it was love at first sight :)

I've been wanting to get him one of these for a while and 
am totally in love with this one c/o Sweet Ruby

Not only is it so well made, but it is made out of the softest Minky fur. 
Um, can I get one in my size?!
It is so comfy and soft and the perfect size for Copeland to hold onto in his 
car seat, stroller or to cuddle with at nap time. 

Oh and I can't not mention this genius button binky attachment!
Yep, she also has these available for us mamas who love the MAM paci's 
or any other button binky!

You know what this means?
No more searching for a lost binky!

April, owner of Sweet Ruby, was incredible to work with!
She can custom anything for you and has great communication along the way!

But really, how cute is this lumberjack Minky binky blanket??
Copeland loves feeling the softness of it and it keeps him comforted at nap time :)

Check out Sweet Ruby on Etsy HERE
On Instagram HERE
and Facebook HERE

I promise you and your babe won't be disappointed in her products!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your information my granddaughter has had one of these since she was born but she uses a mam paci so we had just clipped another holder on to the blanket, I also did not know that I could get other colors was so glad to find the site through your post. Thank you I am excited about getting new color and attaching directly to her paci blanket.