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I just love this time of year!
For Easter weekend, we celebrated twice!

Saturday night we headed to the in-laws to celebrate an early Easter dinner and a birthday.
Then tonight we went to my grandparents for another Easter dinner.
Two nights filled with family, games and yummy food was the best!

This morning we gave Copeland his Easter basket 
and he was in love with the eggs! 

We were doting parents all morning :) 

The weather this afternoon at my grandparents was perfect and so we snapped 
a few impromptu family photos :) 

Does anyone else's babies hate grass??
Copeland didn't want anything to do with it!

Happy Easter!
We hope you all had an amazing (and warm) weekend!


BRAD and LEAH said...

so cute! Your dress is darling! Where is it from?

// said...

Thank you! It's from a store called Urban Wear :)

Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

So Cute! Emery hates grass too and she is the same age.

allison wall said...

Such a beautiful family! Uriah wasn't a fan of grass at first, but he came around and I'm sure Copeland will, too! Now we have to convince him of sand... ;) Happy Easter!

Aly Salvesen said...
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Aly Salvesen said...

those overalls! My goodness, how adorable. Looks like you and your sweet little family had a wonderful Easter. Having a baby for holiday's makes everything so much better!

Anne Hill said...

Such adorable photos! Especially the family photos! Love your dress :)

Jennifer Lynn said...

Love the hat! My little guy wore the same one on Easter! ��

Cindy @ Cinsarah said...

What a beautiful family you have! Your little man is to cute!

Thank you so much for linking up with us. We hope you can join us again next month ;)