Freshly Picked Giveaway!

You guys I am so beyond excited about this amazing collaboration 
that is happening with Freshly Picked Moccasins!

 I am such a huge fan of baby moccasins and when 
this cute bag arrived on my doorstep the other day I was so giddy!

I've heard so many great things about Freshly Picked
and everything I've heard is true!

From the amaizingly soft and subtle leather to the quality in which these little moccs are made.
They are perfection wrapped in the sweetest little printed bag and I can't wait to buy more!

The fringe is the perfect length, the leather is buttery soft, warm and flexible 
and the greatest thing, the elastic sides are perfect for easy slipping on and staying on
your littles ones feet!

I've already put these little cuties into Copeland's Easter Basket :)

To check out all the amazing color options and to purchase your pair of Freshly Picked moccasins
Click Here

And Freshly Picked is so nice enough to giveaway a pair of their moccasins 
to one lucky winner!!! You get to choose whichever color you'd like! 
And oh boy do they have lots to choose from! 
Good luck everyone!

This post is sponsored by Freshly Picked
all opinions are my own

Make sure to use an email address where I can contact you, if you win! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Anonymous said...

Brady is dying for these!!!! He want real freshly picked moccs :)

bobbye said...

Really hope I win a pair for my little Nora!

PrettyLuckyMama said...

The moccs are all so cute !! If I could I would buy every single color !! P.s love all the pictures on this post and um your dress seriously matches the moccs perfectly !!!

Carol McGraw said...

These are so cute! Love Freshly picked :-) I'd love a pair for my little man!

Lindsay Toews said...

Thank you for the chance! Your pictures are so precious! :)

Jade Bradburn said...

Such a perfect Easter basket goodie! ❤️❤️

The Snows said...

I hope I win! I have never won lol

Jessica Harpham said...

Penelope would love a pair of these!

Kristin said...

This would be so amazing to win for my little princess ♡

Wendy said...

Such a great giveaway! And gorgeous pics as usual!

Lanae said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Misty Blue said...

Your pics are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance!

Andrea Monroe said...

This is a great giveaway. Thank you!! I'd love to see my little man wearing these mocs!!!

Jessica said...

Fingers crossed! They have soo many good colors!

Ashley Hall said...

I love the weathered brown moccs! and since I don't know if ill be adopting a boy or girl I think those would work for both.

Crystal Ward said...

Love all the colors but I think I love blush the most. P.S. I don't think your link for IG works on the Rafflecopter thing...maybe it's just me but I thought I'd give you a heads up :)

Ash said...

Fingers crossed!!!