Spring and Things

Oh how I am loving this springtime sunshine! 
 I think it's safe to say everyone needs a little sunshine 
every now and then :)

My most favorite thing ever during the spring and summer,
besides these insanely beautiful fresh flowers from Sweet Pea Floral,
are sun dresses! 

Oh, my love for dresses. 
A cute, comfy, casual dress is my go to item during the spring and summertime! 
It is my weakness. 
I can never pass up a good dress. 
So feminine and breezy :)

I am loving this one from Bohme 

To see my other favorite springtime dress Click Here

I hope everyone got a little bit of sunshine today! 

Oh and just a little side note...

We rented Frozen and watched it for the first time.
Is it weird that I teared up watching Copeland snuggled up with Josh 
as all 3 of us watched and listened to the pretty music?

Disney movies were my childhood. 
The music, the characters, the happiness. 
I am so excited to start introducing all of them to Copeland.
I hope he loves them as much as I did and still do! 

Okay and one more little side note!
I will be hosting an amazing springtime giveaway, 
featuring Freshly Picked Moccasins in just a few more days!
So stay tuned! More info coming soon :)

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allison wall said...

Beautiful as ever! I'm a sucker for a good spring dress, too, so thanks for sharing your favorites! Also, a major fan of Frozen. I am now constantly singing "Let it Go"! ...I think Uriah's the only one who appreciates it ;)