It seems like one day after the other there is more heart wrenching news on TV. 
I try to stay away from the tv and not focus on the bad in this world, but lately
It seems I can't stay away. It's everywhere. 

My heart is breaking for the families caught in the Washington mudslide. 
I can't even start to imagine what they must be going through. 
I watched a video clip of the rescuers carrying a 4 year old boy out of
the concrete like, compacted mud and I couldn't help but cry. 
He was later reunited with his mother at the hospital, 
but his 3 siblings and father are still missing. 
As a mother, I don't know if I'd survive with the thoughts 
she must be having about her other children and husband 
but I also can't imagine what she must feel, 
knowing that her 4 year old child was rescued. Survived. A miracle. 

For the families of the missing plane, my heart aches. 
I pray for their peace because I can't begin to fathom their heartache. 

Gratitude is something I work at constantly. 
I do get caught up in life and forget to just be thankful for my healthy family. 
My family who are here with me. 
My husband who works hard at school and in his job. 
My beautiful son that just needs his mommy and daddy's love. 
My amazing families and in-laws who are willing to help at the drop of a hat. 

I am forever grateful to our Heavenly Father for his love and everything 
he gives us in this life and our life hereafter. 

I can't imagine my life without any of them in it. 

Always hug your loved ones tight and always tell them you love them 
before they or leave for the day. 
You never ever know what can happen in a days worth of time. 

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PrettyLuckyMama said...

Oh I feel ya on this one. I hate watching the news because I can't deal with some of the topics. As if I am not already grateful enough after watching the news I realize how much I'm blessed and thankful I am that my family is safe :)