Fit Food Friday

Happy Friday!
It's the weekend, yay!!!

Today's fit food is my favorite go- to breakfast. 
It's fast and easy and so yummy! 

Approx. 300 calories for 2 and 12 grams of protein
- 2 caramel corn rice cakes 
- About 1 1/2 tbsp. peanut butter (per each) 
- 2 strawberries, sliced (per each) 

And if I'm feeling a little indulgent, I'll add some Nutella :)  

Super yummy you guys! 


Sydney Eliff said...

Love this idea!! I always do the caramel rice cakes with PB but I've never used Nutella....that could be dangerous! ;)


Michelle Irons said...

I bought some rice cakes at the store today. Looking forward to this in the morning!