Spring and Things

Oh how I am loving this springtime sunshine! 
 I think it's safe to say everyone needs a little sunshine 
every now and then :)

My most favorite thing ever during the spring and summer,
besides these insanely beautiful fresh flowers from Sweet Pea Floral,
are sun dresses! 

Oh, my love for dresses. 
A cute, comfy, casual dress is my go to item during the spring and summertime! 
It is my weakness. 
I can never pass up a good dress. 
So feminine and breezy :)

I am loving this one from Bohme 

To see my other favorite springtime dress Click Here

I hope everyone got a little bit of sunshine today! 

Oh and just a little side note...

We rented Frozen and watched it for the first time.
Is it weird that I teared up watching Copeland snuggled up with Josh 
as all 3 of us watched and listened to the pretty music?

Disney movies were my childhood. 
The music, the characters, the happiness. 
I am so excited to start introducing all of them to Copeland.
I hope he loves them as much as I did and still do! 

Okay and one more little side note!
I will be hosting an amazing springtime giveaway, 
featuring Freshly Picked Moccasins in just a few more days!
So stay tuned! More info coming soon :)

Fit Food Friday

Happy Friday!
It's the weekend, yay!!!

Today's fit food is my favorite go- to breakfast. 
It's fast and easy and so yummy! 

Approx. 300 calories for 2 and 12 grams of protein
- 2 caramel corn rice cakes 
- About 1 1/2 tbsp. peanut butter (per each) 
- 2 strawberries, sliced (per each) 

And if I'm feeling a little indulgent, I'll add some Nutella :)  

Super yummy you guys! 

It seems like one day after the other there is more heart wrenching news on TV. 
I try to stay away from the tv and not focus on the bad in this world, but lately
It seems I can't stay away. It's everywhere. 

My heart is breaking for the families caught in the Washington mudslide. 
I can't even start to imagine what they must be going through. 
I watched a video clip of the rescuers carrying a 4 year old boy out of
the concrete like, compacted mud and I couldn't help but cry. 
He was later reunited with his mother at the hospital, 
but his 3 siblings and father are still missing. 
As a mother, I don't know if I'd survive with the thoughts 
she must be having about her other children and husband 
but I also can't imagine what she must feel, 
knowing that her 4 year old child was rescued. Survived. A miracle. 

For the families of the missing plane, my heart aches. 
I pray for their peace because I can't begin to fathom their heartache. 

Gratitude is something I work at constantly. 
I do get caught up in life and forget to just be thankful for my healthy family. 
My family who are here with me. 
My husband who works hard at school and in his job. 
My beautiful son that just needs his mommy and daddy's love. 
My amazing families and in-laws who are willing to help at the drop of a hat. 

I am forever grateful to our Heavenly Father for his love and everything 
he gives us in this life and our life hereafter. 

I can't imagine my life without any of them in it. 

Always hug your loved ones tight and always tell them you love them 
before they or leave for the day. 
You never ever know what can happen in a days worth of time. 

Optimism for the Soul

Happy Saturday!

photos via pinterest feed

|| there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy ||

Fit Food Friday

I hope you guys like this new series I'm going to try for a little bit :) 

|| Fit Food Friday ||

Every Friday, I will post my most favorite fit breakfast, lunch or dinner recipe 
that I made during the past week! No bland food here! Just yummy, tried and true recipes!

I hope you all will get inspired to try healthy food and create 
some yummy and healthy foods next week :) 

Today's fit food is this yummy BLT with a side of avocado I made for lunch :) 
Not super creative, but super yummy!  

Approx. 500 calories and 22 grams of protein 💪
- 4 strips of bacon 
- 3 slices of a roma tomato 
- romaine lettuce
- multigrain (with flax seed) bread
- mustard instead of mayo! 
I also cut up an avocado for the side

So yummy and very filling!
What was your favorite meal you had this past week? 
I'm always looking for new ideas! 

March 20, 2014

Happy first day of Spring!!! 

Today was so beautiful outside that I had to put on my favorite dress from Bohme
and get some pictures of me and my little guy!

I cannot even tell you how obsessed I am with this dress.

The sleeves. The fabric. The breezy-ness of it all. 
It is the perfect bohemian summertime dress. 
Not the mention, the gorgeous blue embroidery is to die for!

Click Here to get yours and make sure to 
follow Bohme on Instagram for amazing flash sales and deals! 

Everything they sell is perfection :)

What I Wore
Embroidered V-Neck Dress c/o: Bohme
Bracelts: Bohme (last season)
Shoes: Target (last season)

Chambray Shirt: H&M in stores
Ivory Leggings: Baby Gap

Mama Overload

Do you ever get the feeling as a mother that you should be doing more. 
Like if you don't blog everyday, if you don't take pinterest worthy pictures, 
or if you don't own a shop then just whats the point?

Sometimes I just feel like I'm on mama overload. 
I feel like I just made this amazing dinner and Copeland took 3 naps 
today and then I go on Pinterest or Instagram and someone else has 
done more + is running an awesome online business or just took 
the most beautiful styled pictures of their babies!

Maybe I'm the only one that feels completely crappy sometimes over this. 
But I feel like everywhere I turn someone else has 
opened a business or has done something amazing 
and I'm just sitting here... being a mom. 

And I should be totally happy with that right!? 
I'm a mom! 
I love being a mom. 

But don't you ever feel like you should be doing more? 
I know I do and this is my pledge to stop

To stop comparing and to stop letting this make me feel bad about myself. 

This is my pledge to be happy.
To be happy with being a mom and wife. 
To be happy and love this point in my life. 
To be the best mom I can and to stop worrying about pretty
Pinterest pictures and perfect Instagram moms. 

To play and laugh and tickle and grow my babies imagination. 
To sing and dance and explore with him. 

And although this is embarrassing to admit, 
I want to stop worrying about being perfect. 
I am far from it and don't want that to define how I feel. 

I do amazing things. I take care of a human being. 
A being that would not survive without me. 
That is amazing and a huge responsibility.
I keep my little guy fed, changed and happy e v e r y d a y. 
No days off, no breaks. 

I'm in awe of moms who can run businesses or have a ton of side hobbies and be amazing moms too. 
You all are amazing! 

But for me I feel like at this time in my life, at this moment, I need to 
be a mom and that's it. To step back and take a break from social media. 
To stop comparing and just be happy with where I'm at in my life. 
Because this time will pass by so quickly. I will never have these moments back. Ever. I need to live now. To be present. To be happy and just love this life. This ever changing life. 

It's weird, I use to be so positive and extremely optimistic and it seems the more social media has become such a huge point, the more it has taken away some of my innocence and optimism. That's a terrible thing. I need to do a complete 360. I miss the happiness my soul use to feel, the light I use to have. This is my pledge to get it back. 

I really hope I don't offend anyone with this post. 
I hope some of you can understand where I'm coming from and 
be inspired to stop letting comparison steal your joy and light because you are amazing. Don't ever let social media define who you are. 

Sheer Pink

Vacation was a dream, as it always is. 

Lace Shorts: Similar here and here
Tiered White Tank: Similar here and here
Kimono: Similar herehere and here
Statement Necklace: Here

I have been dying for some sunshine and a good excuse to 
wear my summer clothes ever since we got back from California. 

So going to Las Vegas was so amazing since it was almost 80 degrees everyday!


This was probably my most favorite outfit. 
It was cool, breezy and just so comfy for the warm evenings by the pool. 

My husband bought me this sheer pink kimono down in Huntington beach and I'm obsessed!
It's also so cute as a swimsuit cover-up :)

I paired it with some comfy lace shorts, flowy white tank and a white statement necklace. 

Vlog: What's In My Diaper Bag?

Can I just gush on how much I love this little guy of mine? 
Oh my gosh, he is perfection.