Sensory Play: Treasure Basket

So I am learning very quickly that Copeland is very much more interested 
in the things I have in my hands than his light up, singing, noisy toys! 

So naturally I turned to Pinterest to find some ideas on playing with a 6 months old baby.
Since obviously his light up fake phone is not cutting it. 

I gathered lots of information and learned about Montessori & Reggio.
A method of play that revolves around imaginative play, artistic expression and free play
with the use of natural materials and natural toys. 
No lights, speakers or batteries. 

So I went to the dollar store and got a few things I thought Copeland would find interesting. 
I bought different textures, colors and materials. 
I bought things that would be safe for him to play with.
(with supervision of course)
Things he would probably normally want to play with if he were to see me using them everyday. 
(sponges, spoons, loofah, water bottle,bows, measuring cups, etc.)

I want to continue adding to his treasure basket, which I plan
to put in the playroom, once it's finished, in an easily accessible spot on the floor
so he can get into it whenever he'd like to.

We tested out some of the things last night and he LOVED it. 

You could see it in his eyes that he knew these were not the typical baby toys.
These were things that mommy and daddy use in the home. 

To find more about this amazing kind of play and to get ideas on building 
your own baby treasure basket CLICK HERE


Sammi Sbraggia said...

What a wonderful idea!

Val @ Chicken Scratch. said...

Love it! Both of my kids so far could care less about "real toys"….they are completely enthralled with things from the kitchen, paper towel rolls, magazines..basically anything that doesn't require batteries! Your such a good intuitive mama!

Tessa D'Angelo said...

That's a great idea! Why is it that babies love anything but the expensive toys us mama's buy for them? LOL Also love that blanket (or is it a rug) mind sharing where you got it?