Our Daily Routine

Copeland is now a 6 month old baby!

It has been the craziest, best, happiest, sleepless past 6 months of my life 
and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have gotten a lot of emails about what our daily routine is so 
here it is for everyone who has asked :)

*our schedule is not anything special or great, just what we have found works for us :)*

We have had to change our schedule/routine around a couple of times 
to figure out exactly what works for both Copeland and I. 
And I'm actually in the process of starting a new schedule for my now 6 month old babe. 

Here is what we were doing from 4-6 months

Wake up: 8:00 am and nurse (in bed)
Go back to sleep until 10 am
Get up and nurse again 
Lay Copeland down on play mat or put him in the bumbo while mama makes breakfast
Play with toys, sing, dance, read, etc from 10:15-11:30/Noon

Around this time is when Copeland starts to get super fussy and tired. 
We go into his room, close the curtains and turn on the sound machine
I then nurse him while rocking him and singing him to sleep.

I then will put him down in his crib with his binky and he usually sleeps until about 1 or 2

This gives me time to sleep, clean, get ready or just sit and relax for an hour or so :)

He wakes up and then we kinda start over. 
I nurse and then play while I make lunch and we play again for about 2 hours

I put him down for a second nap around 5/5:30

He sleeps for about an hour and is up usually when Josh gets home at 6/6:30

This time Josh will usually play with him while I start on dinner.

After dinner, Copeland goes down for another nap at about 8
He wakes up around 9:30, I nurse him and he hangs out with us
while we watch tv or if it's bath night we take a bath until about 10:30
Then I nurse him again and he usually goes back down (in our bed) at about 11 for the night. 

He has been waking up every couple hours during the night until just recently.

So this is our new schedule that we are working on now...
Everything is pretty much the same during the day except our nighttime routine has changed. 

Our new nighttime routine is around 8:30/9 I will feed him pureed food
then take a bath, get our jammies on and read a bedtime story before I nurse him again to sleep 
and we have started putting him in his crib.
He has slept from about 11:30/Midnight until about 6/7 am!

My fingers and toes are crossed in hopes that this stays!
It is ever changing but we try to stick to some kind of consistent schedule :)

I hope that helps everyone who has emailed about our daily routine!

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