The other day I had this strange thought come into my head. 

Money doesn't buy happiness. 
I know right, such a simple concept. 

I cannot tell you how many times Josh and I have said 
"Once you graduate..." "I can't wait til you graduate and start your career" 
"2 more semesters til you're done and we'll have money!" etc...

It seems that it has completely consumed us both. 
It's all we can ever think about and hope that it comes sooner and the days go by faster. 
It seems the more it consumes us the more apart we become. 
The more we think about the worldly objects, the less we think about each other. 
We hate it. I hate it. 
Sometimes we have to sit back and just stop. 

Of course him graduating will take a huge stress off of both of us. 
But him graduating and starting his career will not make us any happier. 

I had a flash-forward(?) to his graduation day. 
A day we are dreaming about. 
Seeing him walk and taking photos with me and Copeland. 
With his parents, with my parents. 

The party we will have afterwards. That night. 
To finally say "You did it!" 
Don't get me wrong it will be great but I also thought about the day after, the week after. 

Nothing will change. 
Yes, Josh won't have to stay in the office, studying all night, which will be amazing for both of us. 
 He misses hanging out with me and Copeland at night. 
But that's it. 

As a family, we will not be any happier than we are now. 
In these moments of being new parents. 
Of figuring out this stuff together. 
Seeing our son smile, hearing him giggle by playing peek a boo. 
Him having his career, making more than a student wage, will not change our family 
and the love we have for one another. 

Money doesn't buy happiness. 
Money gives you a short lived, false sense of happiness. 
And that's it. 
Or at least it's what I've come to realize for myself. 

Maybe money does make some people happy. 
Yes, buying some killer new shoes is awesome. And ya, I would love to buy Copeland a pair of $60 moccs that he'll outgrow in a day. 
But does it make my relationship with my husband stronger?
No way. 
Does it make Copeland love me any more?
Of course not. 
Does it make me a better mommy? A better wife?
Does it make my friendships happier and more fullfillng?

Yes money is the reason we have our home. 
Our very modest home that we adore. 
But we were happy in love with the one bedroom tiny little 800 sq. ft home that we rented. 

I don't really know why I am posting this. 
It's more for me, I presume. 
It seems the world is very much an instant gratification and very materialistic 
kind of world. 

With all the fashion bloggers and pinterest worthy homes
it's hard to not fall into the wants of this life.

And yes it's hard to always have this mind set of happiness with what you have and the simple pleasures of life.
Of course I love beautiful and expensive things. 

Sometimes you have to really step back and think about what truly makes you happy. 
And for me I have realized that I have everything I could ever want to keep me happy for lifetimes and beyond with Josh and Copeland and the love they give me and that we share. 

Well, it's late and I'm tired. 
If this post is full of misspelled words and lack of proper grammar it's simply because I've been up for far longer than I had hoped to be up so good night!


Val @ Chicken Scratch. said...

Love this. Good post. Thanks for sharing. We all need reminding sometimes that money isn't everything.

Whitney M. @ The Married Me said...

My mindset has always kind of been that money doesn't buy happiness but it can sure make life better. My husband and I argue less when we have more money than we have bills. We stress less when we know we can pay the bills. Our health his better when we are less stressed. We can buy activities that help us bond when we have money.

Lots of great things can happen when you have money, but the important thing is that you still have to make the day to day little moments better. Thats all on you. Enjoying the small things is a personal choice and someting money can't teach you to do.

// said...

I guess what I was trying to say was that money won't change our relationship. At the end of the day him graduating and having a career won't make us more in love than we currently are. It won't make me a better mom or wife. It will simply just be. The love and happiness will remain the same.

But I totally agree. Money makes things less stressful and easier for everyone.

I grew up with my parents arguing over money and bills so that's why my husband and I have decided early on to pay cash for pretty much everything we have so we don't get those bills coming in where we have to find ways to pay for them and then stress over later. We rarely fight/stress over money because neither one of us spends money on things we know we can't afford at that moment or will get a bill for later on. We buy what we need and save up for what we want.

Yes, doing extravagant things is way fun bonding time and we love when are able to afford those kind of dates. But for us and our family, spending money on fun dates, although super fun and awesome, doesn't help us bond anymore than if we were to go bike ride or longboard down the canyon.

Yes money gives you breathing room. But money comes and goes.

You said it perfectly. Enjoying the small things is a personal choice and something money can't teach you to do :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this! Oh I hope you will come to Anaheim and visit;) ps I want those moccs for b but $60? No way! That will make me guilty in stead of happy!

Rebecca said...

Its the little things, thats priceless