Office + Play Area

Josh and I have decided to take on the task of turning our front room/ living room/ sitting room 
into an office + play room! & we cannot wait to get it started!

Right now our office is sooo unbelievably drab. 
It's kinda dark in there and so unorganized and Josh doesn't really like 
being in there when he needs to study. 

So we will be turning the office into a guest room and the living room into a bigger office and playroom! 

It's much brighter in the living room which Josh will LOVE and it's large 
enough to keep Copelands toys as he gets bigger. 
It will be a room where we can both work and keep an eye on Cope :)

Right now the room has a large archway opening and so we will be putting in two french doors to keep the openness of the room but be able to keep the doors closed when needed.

We want it to be clean and crisp with an aire of whimsy and color 
for Copeland's interest because his room is very white with just a bit of color, but not much.

We want his area of the room to be filled with happiness!
Where learning and exploring come first :)

So we definitely needs LOTS of color and bright things in the play room
but still be able to keep it clean and organized.

We LOVE these black and white totes for toys, movies, etc!

We are still trying to decide on a desk. 
We need it large enough to be able to work on but small enough to not over power the room. 

I love the idea of tent for Copeland! 
What kid doesn't like having their own "fort"?!

Clear desk accessories are the way to go for crispness :) 

We want LOTS of color! 

Yellow curtains... a must!

*all photos above were found via*

And we might be putting up a few prints that I've been working on :)

Hopefully we can get started in the next month or so! 
once we get our tax return ;)

Do you have a play room?
What is a must have for your kids!?


Val @ Chicken Scratch. said...

I can't wait to see this!!! In our house we actually chose to make the formal living room + dining room which is connected into our "playroom"…we really are a very comfy casual family and felt like we didn't want the "formal areas" in our home anyways…I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing other playrooms and using them as inspiration for my own! You won't regret having a designated playroom..I can assure you of that!

// said...

We are the same way! We have a couch in our living room right now and NEVER go in there! Ha, we just hang out in the family room so we were thinking why have this big room and never use it? I can't wait to have a play room! Our house is pretty small as is, so having a specific room for toys will be amazing I think, as Cope gets bigger! :)

Courtney C said...

So cute! Can't wait to see the finished product!

The Blissful Brown's said...

Amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Jaimie said...

Fun idea!! I love it. Wish I had your talent!!!

Rebecca said...

Ahh! I'm so ready for my own office looking at all these pictures is tempting. Great inspiration.