Moments in Motherhood

Sometimes in between all the poopy blowouts, the sopping wet spit ups and the fussyness of a teething babe... a beautiful moment in motherhood happens :)

I have been so lucky to experience two amazing things happen in the past week in this motherhood journey. 
And when something really special happens, I have to document it so that I never ever ever forget it. 
I need to bottle up the emotion, love, happiness and amazement that I felt. 

The first experience...
So this happened on Friday night, on the way to take my sister to the airport. 
Josh was driving, I was in the passenger seat, Copeland was in his car seat behind josh, 
my niece Tess was in her car seat next to Cope, my mom was next to Tess 
and my sister was in the third row behind my mom. 

So we get in and start out on the road and Copeland just let's us have it. 
Screaming like he's never screamed before. Like something was seriously wrong. 
Could he possibly be hungry again?! It's only been 45 min. 
We thought that was the issue so we pull over, before getting on the freeway, for a nursing sesh. 
He eats for about 10-15 min, then we burp and he is totally content.

We put him back in the car seat and off we go. And then he starts up again. 
Just working those little lungs to death. I was panicked. 
He's never done this before and it caught me off guard. 
I had no idea what to do in this motherhood moment. I looked at josh, worried. 
I look back at my mom and asked her to hold his hand and give him his bink. 
He didn't want either. I told my mom to sing to him. Still nothing. 

My mom then suggested I sing to him, but I was in the front seat and there was 
no way me shouting lullaby lyrics was going to calm him so I took off my seatbelt, 
crawled over the console and hunched over his car seat. 

I took his hand and rubbed his fingers and with his other hand he grabbed my hair. 
I bent down over him and nuzzled up against his cheek an started singing lullabies 
and like magic he stopped screaming. Instantly. 
It was amazing. 
It was the perfect moment between us. 

Right then I knew this is the greatest blessing I have ever received. 
Being a mother is the most blessed job and I am so lucky to have been given this job by Heavenly Father.
My back ached from bending all weird like in the car but I sang him to sleep.
And I would do it a thousand times again to make him feel safe and content. 

He grasped onto my hand and hair and drifted away as I sang. 
How wonderful this is was. 
How lucky I am to get to do this.  
Please never let me take this motherhood thing for granted. 
It is the most wonderful journey of this lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I never feel compelled enough to post a comment but I'm moved by this story. Brought me to tears! Thank you for sharing! Reminds me that sometimes you need the stressful, scary Mom moments to truly appreciate the tender, miraculous ones.

Courtney Rose said...

What a precious moment shared with you and your little man!

After Eleven Blog said...
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After Eleven Blog said...

what a sweet moment :) mommy's voice saves the day! and he is precious by the way! oh and I just found your blog on instagram (weird, I know!) but I'm a mommy blogger too and love meeting new bloggers so I wanted to check out your blog and say hi! excited to be following along via bloglovin now! happy new year :)

Val @ Chicken Scratch. said...

I love it. It really is amazing the bong between mama and baby. Nobody can calm your baby the way you can. Written so sweetly! I know all to well nearly the exact scenario you were in :-)

Anonymous said...

So sweet.