A New Year: 2014

I can hardly believe it's been another year gone.

I remember this time last year, like it was yesterday.
I was just barely pregnant and sick as a dog with the flu.
My dad was here to visit and I was cooped up on the couch with tissues up my nose and 
aches and pains for days.
This year was better, although I rarely seem
to catch a break with sickness, I'm not nearly as sick as last year!

I now have a 4 and 1/2 month old babe and I was able to go out with my family the whole time 
my dad was here! It was amazing!

With looking back at how fast the past year has gone, I really want to make this next year count.
I want to have the best year yet in 2014 :)

I love the idea of resolutions/goals and now that I have this little family,
I've thought about a few things that I really want to work at as a family/individual.

1. Get back down to pre-pregnancy weight and over all, get into better shape.
    Hopefully by spring break :) 10 more pounds!

2. Finish painting our family room.
    I hate painting so this is definitely a goal of mine :)

3. Read a book to Copeland every night.
    Sometimes in the hustle of life, time gets away from me and
    I want to always make time to read to Copeland.

4. Plan a family vacation and spend the whole vacation care free :)
    I usually have a schedule for everything. I hate that about myself.
    I want to go and just relax and play with my family :)

5. Get organized. Our office is a disaster.
    I want to get everything in there clean and organized this year.

6. Call my dad a lot more. My dad lives in California and again,
    I let time get away from me and don't call him as much as I should.
    I want him to always know how much I love him.

7. Help a family out. I would love to do this sometime this year.
    I want to be able to buy baby toys, diapers, wipes, clothes, food, anything to help a family in need.

8. Plant at least 4 trees in our back yard!
   We've been saying "next year we'll plant trees". But this year is thee year!
    I need some big shady trees to sit under :)

9. Work on Copeland's first year book.
     I want to put a book together of all the pictures of his first year
     and then print it in September. I really need to try and set time away for this.

10. Figure out how to use my Canon Rebel camera.
      I've had it for 3 years and have no clue what I'm doing.
     Auto mode is my bff ... for now. Also I'm so sick of using my iphone for all my pictures :)

It's always nice to have a fresh start to a new year :)
Happy  New Year!
May it be your best year yet!

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Anonymous said...

Loved seeing your year all over again! Just love your fam:)